Friday, June 25, 2010

PC games are better than console-games (...?)

Some people say, that gaming on your own home PC is going to die out quite soon. But it isn't that way, because PC gaming has thing to offer that fellow consoleros only dare to dream about. In this blog entry, I will tell you guys, why PC gaming is still alive and ready to rock the industry.

Technology: The biggest advantage of the PC is the fact that the developers don't have to stick to static components. Because of that, graphics at your computer are almost always better than the graphics consoles have to offer. Following: More atmosphere for your inner nerd to enjoy. You can also tune your PC or build in new parts; so that your nerdy desire for a better performance and even better graphics is satisfied, whilst the typical El Consolero has to stick with the power his console has to offer and just be content with it.

Price: PC games are generally cheaper than console games. An average Xbox 360 game costs about 60€, while a PC game only costs 50€. That is a difference of 10€; or 20%, of which you can buy that handy dandy little Mudkip figurine you always wanted.

Freeware: Another pro-argument for PC gaming is freeware. A lot of games for the computer are free; and that doesn't mean that they have to suck as hard as Petey Piranhas' privates. Examples needed? Well, Battlefield-Heroes, Runes of Magic and (following this autumn) Lord of The Rings Online and many more. This is the proof that Free2play can also be of good gaming quality. Consoleros aren't privileged to do things like that, mostly because there aren't any platforms for that.

Open Source: Some developers aren't allowed to work on patches on already released games. Or just don't have the time or money too. But, of course, we nerds once again save the earth from eternal peril: Fanboys and fangirls get to the job and fix all your bug rotten games. Example: Gothic 3. After the developers and publishers got into a fight, the development was halted. The greedy sonofaoktoroks over at the publishers still released the game, even though it was full of bugs. The community project "Community Patch Team" came to the rescue and fixed tons of bugs with "just" 5 patches (2.9 GB). This wouldn't be possible on a console.

Mods: You finished your favorite game and wasted another 49 hours of your not-so-precious life, now what= Well, PC gamers can get themselves mods and play on. Because of this option, a lot of great mods (or even full-priced games) were  made. Counter-Strike is the most famous example. Originally only a modification for the ego-shooter Half Life; now one of the most played games on the whole freaking planet.

MMO: One of the most successful genres of the wonderful world of gaming: MMORPGs. Letting the participants slip away into another realm, it is very popular amongst fellow nerds. World Of Warcraft has got 11 million active players; such numbers couldn't be achieved on a console-based MMORPG.

Exclusive titles: Not only consoleros can play exclusive titles like games of the Mario series, Halo etc. There are plenty of good exclusive titles for the PC. Valve and Blizzard, two legendary studios, only develop for the personal computer. StarCraft, Half-Life and Warcraft is only available for PC players (except like the XBox version of Counter Strike or HalfLife, which majorly SUCK).

Even though the PC is a great gaming platform, I will still stick to my SNES ^^

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Children steal a disabled man's iPhone

Raul Krauthausen (kind of stereotypical name for Germans), a disabled man, has had his iPhone 3G stolen in Berlin. Three children went to the man, that was using the telephone, stole it and ran away. The man suffers from the Lobstone syndrome, also known as the brittle bone disease, and therefor has use to a wheelchair. He commented on his blog, writing "Ist das Gleichberechtigung?" (Is this equality?). Some friendly Twitter users started a donation fund, so that the poor man can buy a new iPhone. Enough money was donated, but the man asks himself if he really wants to buy a new iPhone. A poll on his website has been opened.

Raul Krauthausens blog:

A picture of Raul:

"My wheelchair. My secret."

poor man....

Saturday, June 19, 2010


Yesterday, OnLive opened its Cloud-Gaming service in the United States. But what in the name of Bob Saget is cloud-gaming, and what in the world is it good for? What advantages does it have and what people offer it? These and a lot of other questions I want to answer with this blog entry.

What is cloud-gaming?
Cloud-gaming is a revolutionary new way to get your inner PC nerd going: The game isn't played on the local hardware, but on a server in a mortuary data-center. The picture of the game gets streamed (as in a hot live webcam session a live-stream). The movement of the mouse and the commands of the keyboard also get transferred to the server. The biiigg-tiiiime advantage here is that no high-end software is needed in order to play a game that otherwise would need a high-end gaming PC. The operating system, on which the client is installed, also is irrelevant. Games, that would normally need for example Direct-X, can also be played on a MacBook Air, or even tablet PCs (that by the way suck majorly) and smartphones. So maybe, we can be playing Crysis 2 on our overtly expensive iPad. But not everything is bright in the land of the clouds, because of slow internet connections, which cause small lags. This is the reason why ESport will never happen on a cloud-gaming client. It isn't known if modification or even hacks can be done, for example a own Megan Fox USA interface in World Of Warcraft or classical modifications, that are quite known on the PC.


Saturday, June 06, 2009

The Conduit XXXL-Test

Your name: Michael Ford. Your mission: Finding the cause of the assault on the White House by an alien race named "The Drudge".

Well, things get wacky: A phenomenal, but weird incident occurred on the grounds of the White House. Mr. John Adams, the leader and founder of the mysterious umbrella-corporation called The Truth finds out that the home of the president was attacked by a fiend, the alien race The Drudge. Michael Ford gets on the track of the origin of the alien-attacks. He will not get the answer that he was quiet looking for, but he will find it...

Ok, ok...this kind of sounds like a early nineties action-flick á la Independence Day, but the question with the highest priority is: What will Ford find in the White House? George Bush's unreleased love poems? Terrorists? Moving boxes of Barack Obama? A Mondeo, Ka, or even Focus? Let`s find out !

The story of The Conduit isn`t too original and innovative, but the plain mission-briefings have one advantage toward longer ones: You don`t have to wait too long for busting the crap out of mean terrorist-aliens. The game begin pretty turbulent in a floodgate-area. Admittedly, the first enemies are already attacking - aliens, looking familiar to the creatures of the Metroid planet Zebes - but the actual game begins after you pick up the most innovative and important item in the game: The All-Seeing Eye (ASE). This useful gadget, which can be accessed by simply pressing the "+"-button, will help you find mines, secret weapon deposits, or hack the computer-secured door.

The mixture out of action and "search 'n find" worked pretty good. Nor does the gameplay-speed get reduced, neither does the intelligence-factor sink. There aren't too many mission-objectives, but the correct usage of the ASE and the weapons are fun enough. The hacking into other computer terminals is really fun and exciting, just like in real life [not that I hack ;)] .

Another mentionable thing are the good controls. Almost every parameter is adjustable: The aim- and movement zone (every single pixel), the transparency of the energy-bars, even the position of the TV-screen. Even the rattling of the Nunchuck while throwing the good ol' 'nades. You can decide if you want to jerkily throw the grenade, or gently & fluently. After adjusting a while, all the grenades really went to the direction they were meant to go, which is a big plus. And the usage of the All-Seeing Eye becomes ingrained after a while. Kill a enemy here, switch to the ASE mode, inspect the wall, and voilá! You found a mini-game hidden in the wall, in which fragments of a semi-circle have to be arranged through the digi-pad. After succeeding, a concrete barrier magically opens itself, and there you go: You`ve just found a room full of weapons, power-ups, and ammunition. And believe me, looking after these rooms are always as profitable as you want it to be. The mini-games get harder and harder as you proceed towards the end of the game, and the mini-games in the final and last level, the 9th, really need you to activate your mechanic brain, literally sending the dust out of your rarely-used gamer head...wait a sec, didn't I use that joke before?...whatever.

Well, I have a critic-point though: At the beginning of the game, the enemies seem to be pretty smart, but afterward (mostly at the middle of the game), the aliens just brainlessly attack you. The termites and the insects are also really dumbheaded, but quantitatively they are predominant. So, you my friend, will have to use your brain. The developers High Voltage Software are aware of this fact, but these smart fellas kind of outsmarted the problem: Seldom does a minute pass away without you keeping on the run.

My favorite level , the Washington D.C level is really ace at dramaturgy, awesomeness and epicness (yes, that word actually exists). At some point of the level you will be confronted by a brute of fat greaseball (no, not George Dabbeliu's scotch-terrier). Ok, a real easy situation to master: Just throw a grenade at the conduit where the kids get born and disable any further breeding. But, there! Another enemy is lurking up from behind. Immediately you strike the down button of the d-pad and execute a 180° rotation. Press the B-button, and the aggressor is history from now on. Peng, peng, two further grenades neutralize the other conduits. Then you carefully look around you...realizing that really nobody or nothing is to be found. You proceed to the next room, and are warmly welcomed by the alien reception committee, only trying to set a end to your miserable pixel alter-ego. But that's another long story...

The game-time of approximately 9 hours ( I finished in 8 hours 14 minutes), which is a nice playing-duration, things get really tense: The online mode! With over a dozen modes, you are happily going to be noobing pwns all day long: From a traditional deathmatch to a bounty-hunter mode, from a round of ASE soccer (the longest ownership of the ASE wins) to a Kill-A-Thon, from a Capture The ASE to a quick Team Dathmatch (yes Dathmatch, as described by nobos!!!1!), from a Last-Man Standing to a round of Killing Override, everything's inside. And I think that that is a a good excuse for no split-screen mode. No lags, a consistent FPS rate, and even Wii-Speak voicechat function. YEAH! Buy it, buy it, buy it!!!!!1!!!1!!!1!!!

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Forgotten Games: Namco Smash Tennis for SNES

One of my new games (see post below) is called Namco Smash Tennis, but not Smash Tennis Court, which is a popular game released on the PSX. It must be pretty rare, since the only hits on Google were eBay auctions and 2 cheating sites, so maybe this is my personal goldmine...I am a passionate tennis player myself, so let's review this sucker.

Well, after the title screen shows up, I have 3 options. (A) Exhibition, (B) Tournament, or (C) Options. Well, there isn't really much selection here, but what do you expect from a game made in the early mid-nineties. So after I chose Exhibition, all the combination were available, from 1P-2P vs. 3P-COM to P1-COM vs. P2-COM. Then, you can choose the court you want. I would recommend shrine, since the bounce here is elegantly low, which accomplishes a higher rally. After choosing your name, I am surprised how many different strokes can be executed. I found out following: forehand, backhand, volley, smash, lob, forehand slice, backhand slice and last but not least a underspin (yes, underspin is rarely used in tennis, rather in table tennis). By the way, you can try out a underspin by finding a table-tennis ball and tapping it with great pressure. Great ingame-depth can be accomplished due to the great variety, but the best thing is yet to be mentioned: Strategy. This resembles a real tennis game (just without the ball-stroking) very good. You could try slicing near the net, bait the opponent towards the net in order to lob upon him (a high ball is called lob), causing confusion with the underspin, or just play without a mind, which often works. This game is HIGHLY addictive, I must say. I finished the tournament mode after 3 1/2 hours, and I must say that it really was fun. Another thing I must say: During gameplay, the atmosphere is really intense, just like before a summer-storm (yeah, I am poetic sometimes...). Everybody seems to be concentrated, and seldom a cheer can be heard, rewarding the awesomeness of the appropriate player. It really is similar to the kick while playing with high rally during a real-match of tennis (Rally is a tennis-term regarding the transfer of the ball from side to side without a significantly dominant opponent, since a player must block the balls the other one is striking and try to strike on his own), which is really good. I bet if this game would be slightly more popular, it would revolutionize tennis-games as we know it. The sound is really decent, and the graphics look pretty. The audiovisual components really do their job good. I would say that this is the best retro tennis simulation that I have seen so far, maybe even the best tennis-simulation (By the way: Mario Tennis is tennis arcade-style). So if you have the chance, go buy it on eBay or any other retailer-site. And if you are a cheapskate, go torrent it. And now a screenshot from the grande finale:

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Yeah! New SNES games!

Since this month is themed SNES-month, I bought me an US & Japanese-version of the SNES. Now I have the PAL, JAP, and US version of the SNES. Additionally, I bought following games from my collector friend AND got a few games for free :D

Here are the games:

- Shadow Of The Beast
- Shadow Run (for 6 Euros, pretty cheap xD)
- Rock&Roll Racing (had the game once, but it broke)
- Ogre Battle Tactics
- Mrs. Pacman
- Lufia II (US-Version)
- Illusion Of Gaia
- Super Puyo Puyo
- Terranigma (always wanted it xD)
- Seikendensetsu III (bought it for 30 Euro, price on the internet was like 81€)
- Super Bikkuriman

and a few more.

The original price of the games that I bought were like 350 Euro. I got everything for 188 Euro, since I only bought games that he owned twice :D

So, now I have 384 SNES games, 83 Sega Mega Drive/Genesis Games, 130 NES games, 13 Neo-Geo games (REALLY expensive), 39 Gameboy/Gameboy Colo(u)r games, 32 GBA/GBA SP games, 13 GameCube games, 16 Wii games, 21 PSone games, 43 PS2 and 64 N64 games(well, actually 65, but crap on the one game). My goal was it to reach like 64 Nintendo 64 games, but last month I found a game in my room, so 65 xD

GTA: Chinatown Wars (DS) Cheats and Tips

L,L,R,B,B,A,A,R Bullet-proof vest
L,L,R,A,A,B,B,R Full health
Up,down,left,right,B,Y,R,L Storm
Up,down,left,right, A,X,R,L Heavy rainfall
Up,down,left,right, Y,A,L,R Rain
Up,down,left,right, A,B,L,R Sunshine
R,X,X,Y,Y,R,L,L Wanted-level goes higher
L,L,R,Y,Y,X,X,R Wanted-level goes lower
R,up,B,down,left,R,B,right Weapon pack No.1 with grenade, baton, pistol
minigun, assault rifle, micro-SMG, sawed-off shotgun
R,up,A,down,left,R,A,right Weapon pack No.2 with Molotov, taser, double-pistol
flamethrower, carbine, SMG, shotgun
R,up,Y,down,left,R,Y,right Weapon pack No.3 with mines, chainsaw, revolver, flamethrower
carbine, SMG, shotgun
R,up,X,down,left,R,X,right Weapon pack No.4 with blend grenades, baseball bat, pistol,
rocket launcher, carbine, micro-SMG, sawed-off shotgun

Best Vehicles in GTA :Chinatown Wars are written in yellow.


  • 500 XLR8
  • Banshee
  • Comet
  • Cityscape
  • Hellenbach
  • Infernus
  • MK GT9
  • Resolution X
  • Sabre GT
  • Style SR
  • Sultan
  • Turismo


  • Buccaneer
  • Chavos
  • Cognescenti
  • Ingot
  • Perennial
  • Peyote


  • Admiral
  • Stretch-Limo


  • Cabbie
  • Taxi


  • Bullet-proof Patriot
  • Patriot


  • Bobcat
  • Cavalcade FXT
  • Contender


  • Burrito


  • Flatbed
  • Tanker
  • Yankee

Emergency vehicles:

  • N.O.O.S.E. Enforcer
  • Feuerwehrwagen
  • Krankenwagen
  • Rhino
  • Streifenwagen


  • Baggage Handler
  • Gokart
  • Formula R
  • Leichenwagen
  • Bulldozer


  • Angel
  • Chopper
  • NRG-900
  • Sanchez


  • Cruiser
  • Dinghy
  • Jetmax
  • Reefer
  • Speeder
  • Wet Ski

The UN-Building can actually be found on the big western island. The American, Italian, European and the Irish flag can be seen, and a flag that has strong similarities towards the original UN-flag. Additionally, a statue with open-arms can be found.


Pisswasser (which is the correct German way to write it nowadays) means urine, or literally piss-water. A advertisement can be found where a women drinks this. This is not a prank on the beer-loving Germans, rather on the popular beer brand Budweiser.

Here be dragons!:

If you get a boot (not a wet-ski) and go to the southwest corner of the map, you will see a map reading "Here Be Dragons!", probably because you`re at the butt of the world.

Atomic waste:

In the far south of Broker, you should see two footbridges looking like crosses. If you go farther, you will see tons of atomic waste.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

4 easy Tips to Help You Be A Hardcore Gamer & A Definition Of Hardcore Gaming

Hi there!

I will present you 4 tips that will help you be accepted as a hardcore gamer by the mass-community. First of all, let's define the word "hardcore-gamer". A "hardcore-gamer" is the exact opposite of a "casual-gamer". We hardcore gamers prefer playing video games instead of "normal" hobbies and differ to "normal gamers" because of the obvious fact that normal-gamers only play once in a while for entertainment. It also could be stereotypically called a "game-addict", which is a very extreme term. I will write an article about game addicts sooner, but hardcore gamers aren't really addicted, just fascinated of the work of our fellow developers and publishers.

We hardcore gamers also play approximately 100 games per year, which causes a section of the hardcore community being real bad mothaf***erz who copy, share, and download games. These so called "gamers" just destroy the gaming publishers ability to buy an all-inclusive trip to Monté Carlo, which is as bad as stealing a diamond, killing a person, decapitate a head, or even steal 2 diamonds. So big bad pirates, please leave us hardcore gamerz alone.

Our community is emotionally driven by playing games, and we can't stop it. But it is NOT an addiction (mostly), because this love towards an art is controlled and wanted. And the most significant attribute pwned [sic] is a great technical knowledge, easily adapting the current skillz [sic] to another game, noobing pwns, and u$!ñg !ñt3rñ3t $l4ñg !ñ ©0mm0ñd4¥ v0©4bul4r¥ b¥ $3ñ$3l3$ 4ñd br4!ñl3$ w0rd$ $u©H 4$ LoL, wH!©H H4$ b33ñ 0v3ru$3d b¥ t33ñ$ l!K!ñg r4p 4ñd bur¥!ñg tH3m$3lv3$ !ñ$!d3 t33ñ-3m4g$ !ñ tH3 p3rv-3©t!0ñ. Ult!m4t3l¥, !t !$ 0ñl¥ 4 0v3ru$3d l4b3l.

So, enough with the definition, lets get started!

1. First of all, consider br0w$!ñg g4m!ñg w3b$!t3$ such as GameSpot, ScrewAttack, 1Up, or even Gamesfurk to soak up our creepy nerdiness. Wikipedia is also a great source for nerdiness, but the finding of the information is too easy and too short for getting the nerd-mentality.
2. Second of all, pl@¥ @ H@Rd©0R3g@m3!!! Dont consider playing Halo or something like that, play good old Super Mario World, Doom, Sonic The Hedgehog, and Super Hang-On. Not that I dislike games such as Halo, it`s just that you can train almost everything by playing a good ol' classic. Please try to own the actual console, you can get the greatest console of all time, the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) for 6.00$ and up. Emulators such as ZNES will never transfer the real feeling. Try playing newer games such as Counter-Strike 1.6, Halo, Jak 2 or 3, Command & Conquer etc. later on.

3. d0ñ't ru$H !t. Nerdiness is something that comes naturally and that you can't force. If you fail, just give it up. It's something you're born with, just like with a beard which is only the secret-hiding place of Chuck Norris' iron fist. Yeah, irony at it's best.

4. R34d gr34t g4m!ñg l!t3r4tur3. There are many great gaming books out there such as "The Ultimate History Of Video Games: Pong to Pokémon" or "Masters Of Doom" .

Ultimately, it is just a overused label. But only the will and the passionate love towards video games will help you succeed on your way, my fellow student. Thee must treat a game like a women: Smooth and easy. You gotta make the chemistry between you and the game interact. You gotta make love, not Counter-Strike. You gotta strike to the beat. You gotta be the very best, like no one ever was. You have got to pay a homage to 3 things in a few sentences that can only be found by South-Park viewers, Pokèmon geeks, and a Cuban revolutionist who has the best website of the whole universe.

I will continue sooner or later, once I fix a few bugs on my TeamSpeak Server, my TeeWorlds server, and my blog...Sayonara!

C.-F.U.N. presents: "Did you know...?"s of Gaming

C.-F.U.N. here! Yeah, you might ask yourself who C.-F.U.N. is. Well, I am pronounced Captain Fun, which stands for Captain-Falcon's Useless Nowledge (Nobody wants C.-F.U.K, well almost...) ! I will tell you 10 interesting "Did you know...?"s of gaming. And to all the people out there, if you were aware of one fact, you are a nerd! Congratulations ! Now that I executed my celebratory falcon-punch, let's show our moves (Damn, I really hope you understand my bad-jokes...) !!!


1: The d-pad of the GameBoy Advance is identical to the Nintendo GameCube directional-pad.
2: Battalion Wars originally had the working title Advance Wars: Under Fire. Just before release-launch, Nintendo changed the named, probably due to reasons of quality-protection of the Advance Wars-brand.
3: Shigeru Miyamoto went to Germany to be inspired for The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. To be exact, he went to Rothenburg Ob Der Tauber.
4: Monster Games, the developers of Excite Truck, only produced racing-games since 1998. And to be exact, they only produced games for 4 series since then.
5: Mega Man 1 is the only regular Mega Man game where a points are counted.
6: It also is the only installment of the series that only has 6 robot-masters.
7: Mr. Wright from Sim City for the Super Nintendo had a guest-appearance in the game Zelda: Link's Awakening. He wrote a love-letter to Christine to that village with the animals...ugh.....
8: Dean Scott, the producer of Overlord: Dark Legend for the Wii, was formerly an editor at the British Official Nintendo Magazine.
9: Solid Snake, star of the Metal Gear Solid-series and a newcomer in Super Smash Bros: Brawl, had an appearance for DreamMix TV: World Fighters for the PS2 and GameCube, but only in the japenes version. The game was very similar to the SSB-series (which is often consired a "great-ripoff") including Bomberman and Simon Belmont.
10: John Stocker synchronised Toad in one of my favorite-cartoon called Super Mario World. He also synched Allan Thompson in the "The Adventures of Tintin" movie.

Damn, this is SO nerdy....

Monday, June 01, 2009

Divided Opinions: Wolfenstein 3D Review For SNES

Divided Opinions: Wolfenstein 3D for SNES

Now first of all, we are talking about the US version of Wolfenstein 3D for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. This is the only version I have besides the censored German version (Note: I live in Germany), where the enemies aren't Nazis and the end boss is called Heinrich, which is a ordinary German name. I never had the experience to own this game for PC, but I could play it a few times. Most of the people reading this will ask themselves why the word "Divided Opinions" is in the title...we will come to that later.

I just want to put a big note here before I start the review:

Things are getting complicated now: In the original Personal Computer version, you will have to take the fight against German Nationalists (long for Nazis). But the SNES version doesn't really tell you if you are fighting against Nazis or not, because all references and similarities were mostly censored. For example, Adolf Hitler (which I will call Adi or Adolfo in this review) was originally one of the bosses of one stage. But here he was moved to the last stage with his name changed to "Stadtmeister" (literally meaning "City-Master") or Heinrich in some versions, his mustache removed, and almost all visible or heard references removed, for example the removal of swastikas (I hope you noticed that almost every room is a swastika!) and the attacking dogs (which were replaced by mutant rats).

Some groups wouldn't really like this references, but couldn't there be any option of fighting against Nazis or not, or even two different games?! I still don't understand why some games with controversial features don't release one version with it and one version with out it, since those interested for the version with it can get it easily mostly because of age, and the people not interested for it can just buy the censored version. But after all, you will just have to use your imagination.

So let's start the review!

Story: 7/10

Actually, there isn't a story at all. It is this particular "action movie plot", which is just there in order to have a (more or less) legit reason the kick Nazi butt. But this game is just the type of game where you can turn on the off-switch which is located in your rarely used gamer-brain. Just like any lightshooter or a good old episode of "Walker, Texas Ranger". Yeah, Chuck Norris FTW! I don't think I will have to do a plot synopsis. since the only plot twist is that the 2nd enemy wants to create chemical weapons....

Music: 3/10

...just a loop of crap ALL the time....the sound effects were censored (see Differences Between The PC and The SNES Version)....and the sound effects barely even classify as SNES-worthy...

Graphics: 5/10

Damn man...the fake 3D graphics are just horrendous. Now don't tell me that this game was released earlier and it looks good for it's time. IT DOESN'T. The animation is sloppy and the overall look is just bullcrap. Now please don't think that I am the type of PS3 fanboy (or Sega Genesis/Mega Drive) who's only pro-argument are the graphics. The graphics are rather meh, just like a back of a Gumba: It isn't beautiful, but it gets the job done.

Controllz: 8/10

Nothin' bad here.

Gameplay: 6/10

The levels are pretty simple, its just a maze with a few rooms. You could try getting a high-score by finding secrets and items and/or finding (killing to be exact) all enemies. Thats really all there is. It gets boring and repetitive as the game goes on, there isn't really much variety or depth to it. Speed-Runs could be exciting...and a complaint are the amount of levels (too many and too few, see Differences Between The PC and The SNES Version) etc. But it gets interesting enough to keep you playing it 'til the end.

Differences between The PC And The SneS version

The guards yell "STOP!" or "HALT!" instead of "ACHTUNG!" or "SPION!"
A body of a random guard is missing when you start the level.
The swastikas are now crosses.
95% of the levels are redesigned due to the fact that most rooms are swastika-shaped.
The dogs are mutant rats in the SNES version.
Staatsmeister/Heinrich doesn't have his famous toothbrush stash or the swastika on the armband.
No blood
Adolfo isn't called Adolf Hitler, instead Staatsmeister or Heinrich.
The game doesn't feature 3 bosses, Gretel Grosse, Otto Giftmacher, and the General to be exact (Note: Giftmacher means Poisonmaker xD).
The enemies scream "Ooh!" instead of the German sayings (which I unfortunately cant recite now, if somebody know, pls write it in the comments).
The maximum amount of ammo which can be carried is 299 in the SNES, but only 99 in the PC version.
Hans G.'s level is completely different.
The exit doors and the back are completely different when looked upon.
2 guns available in the SNES version aren't available in the PC version.
The Ubermutant isn't in the original at all.
When the main character is shot, his HUD-image is looking at the direction he was shot at (I think). This isn't featured in the PC version.When you use a weapon, the weapon's picture is not featured at all on the status bar.
The word AMMO has been replaced by SHOT in the far right hand corner of the screen.
The machine gun and chaingun look completely different and sound different.
There aren't any pictures of Heinrich or Staatsmeister with a open-mouth in the SNES version.
There aren't any cages on the wall.
You cant drink water in the SNES version, nor blood or bones as items.
The word "Item" in the HUD isn't available in the PC version.
There were pots in the PC version, but they aren't featured in the SNES version.
While starting off the level, there is a small ammo box in the left corner which can't be found in the PC version.
The large ammo boxes found in secret rooms aren't available in the PC version.
B.J's eyes don't look forward like in the PC version, instead left or right
No skeletons on the wall
The game contains some relevance to the storyline of SOD (Spears Of Destiny) because it features the Ubermutat and Trans Grosse.
Hans G. is featured in his own level and in a secret level (in the PC version I think its his ghost or clone or whatever)
After you defeat Staatsmeister or Heinrich (Adolf in the original), the game ends. In the PC version you still have 3 missions left.
The HUD-images when the main character B.J gets 40% health or less is different
The blood on the wall is censored.
Some sound effects are different.

These are only some of the differences, but I think I named the most important ones.


Worst Wolfenstein 3D port I ever saw, but it still is a very important game and one of the first FPS-shooters on the SNES.

Sunday, May 31, 2009



School and work are so hard...I will continue my blog NOW , promised....

1. In the next weeks I will review classic games such as....:

Super Metroid
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Gradius III
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TMNT Turtles In Time

2. ...but also newer games such as....:

De Blob
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  • The Elite Of Gaming
  • Bad Suckas

And much, much more!

So stay tuned at GAMESFURK!

Sunday, March 22, 2009


Hello, I am back. School is extremely hard...I haven`t been posting for months...but I`m back..better than ever.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Magnavox Odyssey Test

As most of you know, the Magnavox Odyssey was the first video game console. It predated Atari`s Pong home console by a few years. The Magnavox was designed by a Jewish-German man named Ralph Baer. The first prototype of the Magnavox Odyssey was called the "brown-box" and is now at the Smithsonian Institution´s National Museum of American History in Washington DC.

A few years after the brown-box, Baer gets a deal with Magnavox. The American affiliated firm of Philips bring it with hesitance on the market. The idea of a home video game console was too risky for Magnavox, so the commercialization was cautious and rather calm. Only Magnavox-retails sold the 100$ system, therefore leading many customers to think that the Odyssey was only compatible with Magnavox televisions.

The Magnavox Odyssey was released in May 1972. Although a couple pre-production units were distributed in May for demonstration purposes, the production started later in September. Nationwide advertising of this system on television and radio resulted in a real success: over 130,000 Odyssey and over 20,000 rifle packs were sold in 1972. More might have been sold if some of Magnavox’ adverting had not confused TV viewers into believing that the Odyssey system would only work with a Magnavox TV. Perhaps this was done by Magnavox to increase the sales of their own name-brand TV sets, but persistent rumors to this effect confused potential customers and did not help sales. Another 200,000+ Odyssey and 50,000+ rifle packs sold between 1973 and 1975, bringing the total to 330,000+ Odyssey and 80,000+ rifle packs sold.

Here is a list of released games for the Magnavox Odyssey:

  • Analogic
  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Brain Wave
  • Cat & Mouse
  • Dogfight
  • Football
  • Fun Zoo
  • Handball
  • Haunted House
  • Hockey
  • Invasion
  • Interplanetary Voyage
  • Percepts
  • Prehistoric Safari
  • Roulette
  • Shooting Gallery
  • Shootout
  • Simon Says
  • Ski
  • Soccer
  • States
  • Submarine
  • Table Tennis
  • Tennis
  • Volleyball
  • Win
  • Wipeout

The Odyssey didn't have a CPU nor did it have memory. Only forty transistors were included.

Magnavox first scented real success in the same year the Odyssey was released. After Atari sold Pong arcade-booths, but Magnavox disabused Atari because they had the patent on Pong. Magnavox succeeded to tell the court that Baer originally designed Pong (Tennis), but was stolen afterwords by Atari. Atari was sentenced for 700k $ , but they still made very big business with Pong.

The Magnavox Odyssey was released May 1972. .The advertisement and the promotion was a huge success: approximately 130,000 Odyssey and over 20,000 rifle packs were sold only in the year 1972. More might have been sold, if the advertisement wouldn't be so poor. Many consumer thought the system only worked on Magnavox televisions. For that reason, most later "Pong" games had an explanation on their box saying "Works on any television set, black and white or color".

To be continued...

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School is pretty stressed-up for me, because the schools in my region are one of the hardest on the world, and I`m pretty busy with a new language. I will be back on 11th October, 2007.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Metroid Prime 3: Corruption Review

The Final Showdown! -- Charge into the prime outer space battle of your life !!


  • Three difficulties
  • "Medallion-Feature" via Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection
  • Cinematic Synchronization
  • High interactivity with the surroundings
  • 480p mode with 60 fps
  • 16:9 mode

Space - eternal widths! Six months have past since Metroid Prime 2: Echoes. A dark threat is once again agitating the universe. Dark Samus and the Space Pirates are infecting several planets with the highly toxic Phazon. The planet Norion, headquarters of the Galactic Federation, is also being attacked. Dark Samus and the Space Pirates were defeated once, but there is only one Headhunter that the whole universe can trust: Our Samus Aran, one of the biggest heroines of all time. She is ready for her hardest Prime mission. Will she defeat her foes ? Or will she be crushed by her evil doppelganger ? Last Round, last chance, last hope, last fight. Metroid Prime goes in its final round: Corruption.

Metroid Prime 3 has a new twist to it, but it still keeps its charm and has a Metroid typical atmosphere to it. You still move Samus through mazes and mostly still alone. You can say that it is a polished version of Metroid Prime 1, if not better. It has better graphics, visuals, music, sound, and controls. Now to the story: The attack of the Space Pirates comes when you at least expect it. In a short cut-scene, a monumental laser-beam rips a ship of the Galactic Federation into a bunch of pieces. The G.F.S. Olympus from Admiral Dane is also under attack. Immediately the pirates board the ship. A good chance to try the brilliant "pointer" controls. You can set up the wished sensibility in the options menu and there you go. The rumble may begin. The "Advanced"-mode guaranties a fast movement of the field of vision and optimizes your reaction speed. Without long fuss, you can easily control the innovative Wii-Mote in no time. Even in the most paced battles you will not lose the overview. Just that makes the game to what it is: A masterpiece.

Similair to Metroid Prime Hunters for the Nintendo Dual Screen, you cruise with your spaceship from planet to planet. This so called "planet-hopping" was one of the main critical points of the NDS version. In MP3:C you are underway to three different planets: As previously mentioned, you first defend the headquarters of the Galactic Federation located in Norion. A giant phazon-like meteoroid abruptly appears in the orbit of the planet, straightly heading for Norion. You move through the station and meet three other Bounty-Hunter. Together you try to reactivate a gigantic cannon, pulverize the meteor and contracept the impaction on Norion.
Bryyo is your second destination, which already is infected with Phazon. You follow the hunter Rundas, and find the origin of the phazon infestion. At the end of the level, a suprising story-twist happens. The third "attraction" is Skytown, Elysia. It doesn`t matter if Norion, Bryyo, or Elsia: The story (and gameplay) was perfectly cut into the surroundings of the planets. On each planet; you solve tons of mysteries and complete very different missions.

The classic beams from the Metroid-series are called ice- and wavebeam. In Metroid Prime 3, the two classic beams were not included, but you can find the brand new Ice-Missiles. Narrow places can be mastered (like already familiarized) with the morphball.

- Gigantic Bossfights
- Nearly perfect First-Person-Shooter controls
- High percentage on riddles and puzzles
- Really genial level design
- Constant 60 frames pro second
- Good mix of a First-Person Shooter and adventure
- Hyper-mode turned out suprisingly well
- Epic music
- Loading times were cleverly solved: Some doors open later. A lot of video game magazines critisized this, but most core-gamers say this solution is the best. Would you like to wait three seconds more at a door and prepare for the next battle, and eavesdrop to the wonderfully made music or wait at a classicaly boring loading bar ? I would prefer first mentioned
- a long game

Negative points:

- It takes long to find a save-point.
- no Multiplayer or Co-Op mode
- Some passages are really frustrating

Metroid Prime 3 is one of the MUST-HAVE games for the Wii. If the above mentioned negative points don`t bother you, then buy it !!!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Sam and Max Season One (Wii) Preview

(Note: If you`re in a hurry, just read chapter 1.2-1.5)

1.0 Facts
1.1 Exorbitant Intro
1.2 Comeback after 16 years
1.3 Easier puzzles
1.4 What changed ?
1.5 Last word

1.0 Sam & Max Season One Facts:

Genre: Adventure
Publisher: JoWooD Production
Developer : Telltale Games
Players: 1
Release Dates :

: Aug, 26th 2008

: Aug, 29th 2008

  • Was released 2006/2007 for Windows PC
  • Includes six episodes; each one takes approximately two hours to solve
  • Simple controlling via Wii Remote
  • Relaxing jazz soundtrack


Exorbitant Intro

Who comes to attempt a daring, spectacular and groundbreaking rescue ? Who comes to restore equity, justice, fairness and righteousness ? Who helps altruistic, when fellow citizens are in inconceivable perils ? Two animals...two friends...two legends..two members of the Freelance Police will not even lightly stir their pinkie for the townsmen in extremity, their successors in emergencies, and the women in destitution. Unless, the self seeking hare and a egoistic hound are pertained and affected from the nasty doings, presentiments and dark deeds fulfilled by diabolic criminals , sick rascals, psychotic villains and sinister evildoers......

Or when they can just shoot every single quantum of matter out of them. Well, anyways...adventure veterans and comic-book freaks know this wild duo since a few decades. Sam, "the six foot tall anthropomorphic dog" and Max, the lagomorpha- "a hyperkinetic rabbity thing". Enough talk, Sam & Max Hit The Road was released 1993 for the PC. Notwithstanding, it should be the only Sam & Max game, but because of the wacky story and the rare use of such unique black, painful humor, it was a big success and had a large fan community.

Comeback after 13 years

On the November of 2006, after 13 years, Sam & Max remigrated to the PC-- a adventure game in a episodic format. Every few weeks, a new adventure was released for a bargain buy. The Wii version will include all six episodes. Our anti-hero cops will face on manipulated lives, brain washing and the assassination of a president. Of course, Sam & Max are already on the job, trying to solve the case...but before that, the two cops need their telephone. But their telefon was stolen by a fat, greasy rat. It wants Swiss Cheese as the ransom. I am not going to tell you the answer, but it is, to say it in a fair way, somehow "different".

Easier puzzles

To wrap it all up, you will get a classic adventure-feeling just like in the good old early days. But the most important element will get a new twist: The solution of the assignments. The 1993 game Sam & Max Hit The Road had many tricky solutions that were just absurd and complicated. Nowadays, the challenges should by far logically . The dialogs between the odd friends will make sure that the game will still keep its charm, that it be pretty audacious and saucily, blatant and starkly.

What changed ?

I could play a preview-version of it, and found almost no changes to the PC version. Sure, the graphics are not good as the PC version. But at least you can play it from the couch or whatever. First you meet you a few teenie stars, that obviously are brainwashed. Noticeable is the amount of talking. It is almost like a interactive sitcom. In another episode, you actually are in a talk show

Last word

Overall, good synchro, nice humor and six episodes to solve. Adventure fans should annotate the release date. I am happy that this is released for the PC. I will buy this one, because I suspect a bargain buy. Then nothing stands against dirty cop work.
I give it 4 guns out of five.


Thursday, August 21, 2008

GC 2008 Leipzig: Sony Recap

The Leipzig Games Convention 2008 has started. It`s not as important as the E3 for hardcore-Nintendo junkies, but I still have some news for you.

  • Playstation 3 (160 GB)

First, let us begin with the humongous, black, and costly rapacious beast that Sony created. Why, Sony, why....additionally to the 80 GB version that will be released this Friday (Europe), Sony announces a 160 GB version.

Sony reports that it will possibly will be available October. It will cost about 740 $. Every single cent will not be worth it. Poor pennys. Sony also announced an Downloadclient. What the hell that should be? Don`t ask me. Ask your PS3, you stupid §%$$%"!% Sony Fanboy !!

  • PSP 3000

Sony announced, that the new version of the handheld will have a "larger amount of colors and contrasts", that should allow "lower and vivaciously colors". A less reflecting display should ease the playing under the wide roof winding. The PSP-3000 also includes a better LCD screen, a built-in microphone, and interlaced-scan compatibility for video-out.The PSP with the model-number 3000 will be available on the 15th October worldwide for estimated 199 €, 395 $ or 32000 Japanese Yen.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Pipe-Mania DS Preview

Another retro-remake -- but do we really feel the tube obsession ?

Well, most of my fellow readers should start floating in nostalgic dreams and childhood memories when they hear the title Pipe Mania, a Commodore 64 classic. This puzzle game will be remade for the Nintendo DS. The gameplay is quite simple for our modern standards: You have to place several pipes in a certain manner. If you manage to connect the pipes to the drainage before you run out of time and lose, you can continue with the next level. Of course the game will have a new twist. Extra items and a few new events, many unlockables and new modes like "Puzzle", "Surival" will make this game a solid variety to other puzzle games.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Olympia: A gold-medal winner also trained with the Nintendo Wii

Kosuke Kitajima, the gold-medal winner of the discipline 100 meter breaststroke, played
Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games as a preparation. After the question, what his secret was, Kosuke nonchalantly answered : " Mario does breaststroke swimming ! The perfect mental training !!"

First Screenshot of Super Metroid HD !

Here is the first screenshot of Super Metroid HD !! After researching a small amount of time, I found out that this is a fake. Well, it would be nice to have this game.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Gamesfurk`s E3 2008: GTA: Chinatown Wars Update

Here is the old post
New facts:

Note: All information is not officially approved.
  • More than 20 hours of gameplay
  • More than 70 missions
  • Cooperative playing via Wi-Fi possible
  • Four multiplayer games
  • Multiplayer Online Racing mode
  • Minigames, such as sniping
Of course, Gamesfurk will continue to update for you.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Too many Casual-Games ! Hardcore-Gamers are outraged

Most of the hardcore Nintendo fans are disappointed from Nintendo`s new formula- making games everyone can play easily. I might sound dumb, but only hardcore gamers might understand me. Well, just read on to know what I mean, because I don`t want a such long intro..... You could buy yourself a yo-yo and have more fun....if you`re a hardcore gamer. What does the industry say to this "casual boom"?

How did it come to this? Can Nintendo turn the casual-truck in hardcore-paradise ? What`s a casual truck ? I don`t really know. What happened with "quality",with "wit", with "oh my god, what the hell?!"-moments ? Let me tell you how it was back in the Nintendo 64 era with reviewing video games :

As we reviewers decided which games we review and which we push under the blanket, we just needed to take a look at release dates. Back then there wasn`t any big assortment of releases - de facto every new release was worth a preview, because every game was a potential hit.

Well, that changed over the years: Everyday the postman drags a bunch of Wii and DS-games into the editorial department or whatever. Games that don`t really bring our "gamer-heart" into a surge of emotions: crude, immature, callow and half-baked mini-games for the younger audience, soulless quizzes, "come hell or high water"-programmed hopping games with butt-ugly box-art and so on. In short, we have appetite for good games on the Wii or DS.

On the following bunch of 50+ sentences ( I counted:)), Gamesfurk will show you what my readers, but also the gaming industry says to this "casual phenomenon". Here is my opinion : I like games that are accessible for everybody. What I blister on are insubstantial, little games without any tiny piece of wit, that are only produced for the fast cash now and then.

One thing: Edutainment. I hate that genre. It is nice to learn things, for example Brain Age or English Training. But that is the limit. The Wii and DS features decline to a "Well, let`s use the new technology,because every game has it"-type of working. The Wii and DS now are pretty similar to a educational computer. The whole formula is nice, but the developers forgot the actual goal: good video games that make fun. Take a look in the past: The only edutainment Nintendo games I know were Donkey Jr. Math and a Mario game where you learn to type.

I am showing the red card to following bad habits of the gaming industry:

Opening doors via Wii-Mote

In some games like Agatha Christie: And Then There Were None you open the door as if your Wii Remote is a doorknob. That works bad, but is also pretty stupid after 3 hours of playing the game. Metroid Prime 3: Corruption solved this problem, so why can`t the casual industry do it ?

Not even a twist of challenge

I know a few games that are really hard. Super Metriod, Ninja Gaiden, Cybernoid,
and almost every arcade game I have played over the years. But I also know a few games that you can literally play from not even thinking. Or puzzles that can be nearly solved by there selfs! Nancy Drew and the Deadly Secret of Olde World Park is one of these games. The difficulty of the game is so low, that there isn`t even one challenge in the game, let alone a part where you have to think.

Minigames without any substance

No one had a problem with the stone mini-game in Ocarina of Time. The slides in Super Mario 64 was a excellent diversion from jumping on goombas and kicking King Bowser Koopa`s virtual butt to save the princess. It was only a tiny, fun element in a humongous game. But at present, humongous games around the mini-games are vanished, disappeared and mostly forgotten. I have nothing against mini-games, but they must be good. A good mini-game collection: Warioware. A bad one: Game Party from Midway.

Game Over after five hours

Really a bulky, big, comprehensive, enormous, extensive, heavyset, large, wide-ranging and lengthy game: Iron Man for the Wii. You can`t never finish this game. Star Trek: Conquest is also lengthy. I have got to cry if some doesn`t know that this is meant ironic. :( Dear Publishers, please dare to make longer games !

Piece of plastic

The Rolling Rocker was the stupidest accessory ever. Only a piece of plastic. After twenty years, the same crap happens again : Why do I need a plastic wheel ? Why do I need a synthetic billard queue or a plastic tennis racket for my Wii-Mote ? Does make more fun? No. Controllers are still the best.

Well, some readers think we are only cosseted:

"Hello. Are you guys dumb? We have got Alone in the Dark, Okami, The World Ends With You, Secret Files: Tunguska, Final Fantasy IV, Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicals: My Life as a King, Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Mario Kart Wii, Bully, Apollo Justice, Sonic Chronicles, Ninja Gaiden Dragon Sword, Boom Blox, Lego Indiana Jones, Fire Emblem, Deadly Creatures, De Blob, Star Wars:The Force Unleashed, Fire Emlem DS, Lego Batman, Dragon Quest IX, Viva Pinata 2, Pikmin 3, Wario Land Wii, Wii Sports Resort, GTA: Chinatown Wars, Animal Crossing: City Folk and so on ! Cool off !

Now let`s go to the opinion of the industry !!

Note: I collected best of clipping form tons of interviews and bunched them into five.

Here clippings of interview put together from 2K people:

"2K is going to be on the hot seats of Nintendo in near future. These titles will approach to diverse audiences, but I don`t want to classify gamers strict into "casual" or "core", because I personally don`t want to get labeled like that. Fans of strategic games will love Civilization Revolution for DS, while sport enthusiastic gamers will play games like Top Spin, Don King presents Prizefighter, or NHL2K."

Same here with SEGA:

"Sega thanks hardcore gamers, because of them, Sega has its successes. What we do is a mix:Dinosaur King, or games like Sonic Chronicles".

Well, that is enough. Bye.

Monday, August 04, 2008

Wii MotionPlus Question & Answer

After I researched a while in the far.away nirvana called "Internet", I found some interesting news and facts about the near-future Nintendo homeconsole peripheral named Wii MotionPlus. If you don`t know what it is, read this post.

Here we go answering a few questions :
[Your dumb if you need to read following parenthesis(Q=Question,A=Answer)]

Q: How long will this attachment be?
A: Estimated 1.6 inches.

Q: How the hell do you attach the classic controller or the nunchuk to a Wii-Remote with MotionPlus ?
A: Damn, you`re cranky, Mr. Question-Taker. Well, it will have a pass-through extension...port.

Q: Do I have to buy Wii Sports Resort? If yes, how much will it cost ?
A: You can buy it with the Wii Sports Resort, but I would expect it also separate available. Just think how blockheaded it would be to play Wii Sports Resort alone. Not to mention buy Wii Sports Resort two times......I`m not sure how much MotionPlus will cost separate from the Wii Sports Bundle, but the bundle itself will cost 50 $ (Estimated 50€ in Europe).

Q: Can you plug it in a Wii Zapper, which would be useful for shooting more accurate in upcoming games like Call of Duty: World at War ?
A: It would be simple-minded to ask a stupid question like that. "There aren`t dumb questions, only dumb answers. Except by people a lá Britney Spears, Miley Cyrus or Adam Sandler..."-a citation by a paparazzi interview I saw on CNN. Back to topic: I never tried the Wii Zapper out. I don`t want to waste my money on an accessory that only mediocre games support. I would wait until CoD: World at War comes out and read a review on a site called Gamesfurk. That sentence was crap. Really crap.Back to the question, I don`t think so. I trust Nintendo. but maybe the Wii Zapper isn`t accurate after all. If only someone would comment this post and would particularize his experiences with the Wii Zapper....

Q: When will MotionPlus come out?
A: Spring 2009.

Q: I am highly skeptical. Will this piece of plastic be something fun, or will it be just a piece of plastic like the Wii Wheel ?
A: Figur out,only casual gamers use the Wii Wheel....Wii MotionPlus is produced in collaboration with AiLive. AiLive produced this tool for gaming developers working with MotionPlus. It is named LiveMove 2. Watch and enjoy

PS: I wrote following text in this article:

[...]Do you still remember the times, were you thought Red Steel would transfer your movements 1:1?[...]

Well, guess what: Red Steel 2 is one of the first games that will support Wii MotionPlus. What a fortuitousness.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Gamesfurks E3 2008: THE BUMMER SHOW?

Where was Mario? Where was Link? Disappointed faces after the Nintendo press conference. But: There is still hope for core-gamers.

What? It`s already over? As Cammie Dunaway, Vice President for Sales and Marketing at Nintendo of America, said farewell to the E3 conference participants, the fans in the international communities were completely broken ´: No Mario, no Zelda, no Star-Fox, no F-Zero. Only Pikmin 3. What the hell happened ?

It was kind of predicted that there will be no Hardcore-games. But hey: There is still hope. Hope that we core-gamers are going to be noticed. Hope, we can believe in......sorry. That catch-phrase was awful. But I`m still happy. Nintendo said that they will prefer to show casual games like Wii Play, Wii Fit, Mario Kart DS or Dr. Kawashima.The good thing: Nintendo didn`t forget us. Stuff like Wii MotionPlus is also interesting for the producers of core-games.

Imagine a Zelda game with 1:1 sword movements. How awesome would that be?! Do you still remember the times, were you thought Red Steel would transfer your movements 1:1? Technically, it wasn`t possible back then. Back then. Sounds like Red Steel is 3..4 years old. Back then is too harsh. To be exact, it wasn`t possible until now.

Somehow weird, but smart: The Wii MotionPlus thing was announced two hours before the start of the Xbox360-E3-conference. I think it was a strategy against the motion Controller of Microsoft, which was and hopefully is just a rumor. If not, Nintendo has a problem. MotionPlus is available with Wii Sports Resort, which will cost estimated 50$. Europeans will have a similar price.

One more question : Why didn`t the Wii offer that since the launch? A 1:1 movement would be awesome and Nintendo would be richer. But I think this is better like this, because they would have rushed it if it would available at the launch. Smart wise-cracks observed something: The accessory is too big for the safety jacket. I expect a new jacket included in Wii Sports Resort. Another negative aspect: The batteries will live shorter with this.

It`s nice to here that not every publisher forgot us hardcore-gamers. Interesting: The product portfolio of Electronic Arts. The giant continues successful and profitable game names like Need for Speed and creates new series like Boogie ( a second installment was already announced earlier this year). Example: The 2009 versions of FIFA, Madden NFL,Tiger Woods PGA Tour, and NBA Live will have a addition in there titles: All-Play.

"WTF does that mean?", you might ask yourself. Well, let us say that Core-gamer get the used action-packed game, but casual-gamers can just play without pressing through oh so long menus and options. Will it effect the market ? I don`t know. But it is not a bad start.

Otherwise, games like MySims or Boogies now have their own games: Boogie SuperStar, and MySims Kingdom. Ubisoft does the same with Prince of Persia and Nintendo with Toon Link : They don`t experiment on new games and possible game series, but instead work on spin-offs of successful game and on the game itself. What is the meaning of this strategy ?The answer,my friend is MONEY

But there are also developers that hate casual-games just like us. For example, High Voltage Games. They`re busy with the programming of the shooter The Conduit-but because of exclusive deals, nobody can show the pictures before High Voltage Games finds a publisher. Even I can`t :(

The Conduit will be playable online with 16-players, will use the VoiceChat "WiiSpeak" (Available with the new Animal Crossing, probably also available by its self too) and have awesome graphics. The developers are really crazy with the details: They work fastidious, fussy, persnickety,squeamish and precise. But not every publisher likeser this: A publish (no name included in the news article) asked the High Voltage Games team: Who will buy this? Which audience likes this?

I will claim the boycott of that anonymous publisher. What were they thinking ?! Hello ?! There are real gamers out there, that are sick of Barbies trying to catch wild ponies,rip-offs, quizzes, bad mini-games, music simulations and other crap that I can buy in supermarket discounters (not kidding) fpr 20-30$ !! OK, just because a game is cheap doesn`t mean it`s bad. For example Resident Evil 4 Wii Edition or Sam & Max: Season One (I will do a preview). Brain Age was interesting, I must admit, but every other casual game that even an elder can finish in 2 hours just is stupid.

"Yes, we`re making it!", said Shigeru Miyamoto. He meant the game Pikmin 3. To be true, I never played Pikmin 1 or 2...but it has a huge fan community. Let`s see if the new audience will like Captain Olimar. He did suck in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Another thing that Nintendo profits from: casual-gamers could like core-games and buy them. The Nintendo Wii would be a magnet of potential future gamers, because it brings the Wii closer to non-gamers. Enough said. That is only a speculation.

Well, I`m optimistic. Nintendo needs us hardcore fans because we will buy their games in good and weak times. This biz is wacky, but Nintendo did make it. There still good, and I am somehow proud of being a Nintendo fan.

Wii Salute !

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Gamesfurk`s E3 2008: More Emotion with Wii MotionPlus ?

A new official add-on promises a better motion-sensoring.

Nintendo announced the add-on "Wii MotionPlus". Thereby, this add-on is a optional attachment to your Wii-Mote. You attach it at the under-end of your Wii Remote. were you usually plug in your Nunchuck or Classic Controller. The purpose : The movements that you perform with the Wii-Mote shall be transferred preciser to your sensor-bar. The accessory will be available with the Wii Sports successor, Wii Sports Resort (I will write a preview on that,too)

My opinion :

Wow. Nintendo is actually hearing to us and responding. Well, we are one step closer to a 1:1 motion-transfer. Will it be good, or just another piece of plastic ? I don`t know at the moment, but as the loading site at Digg says : Patience is a virtue, my friend.