Friday, February 08, 2008

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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Pro Evolution Soccer 2008

Pro Evolution Soccer 2008

  • Controlling over Wii-Pointer
  • Team can be saved on Wii-Remote
  • Online-Mode
  • Mii-Support

Show your amazing skills !!!
Do the new controls help this game to get on the top of its genre ?

One-two,hit a cross and goooall!! At present,soccer is represented in the video game world by Mario(at least on the Wii).The zealous plumber throws off ice soccer-balls and supershots.But that game (Super Mario Strikers Charged) belongs to the arcade-box.Well,you can not really say that to Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 . Thanks to the revolutionary Wii-Remote Konami promises a new kind of expierience that will enjoy being on the top.The Wii-Remote and Nunchuk lets you control your Soccer-Star.

+=-new footballing expierience -=+

{It was very important for us that the wii-version of PES 2008 will be unique.} That is maybe a new start for sport-related-games on the Nintendo Wii.This game is going to be a feast! Real good controls,lots of new licensed clubs,good graphics and, Mii-Support! Hope this game is not going to be delayed,cause this is going to be freakin' awesome!!!The game is supposed to feel as if you have control over ALL your players ! To accomplish this,you will control your squad with your Wii-Remote.You can tell players in-game that they should move left,right.... with a Drag-And-Drop system(players that do not have the ball).While you can peforming passes,cross hittings,and shots,you can control your player with the help of your Nunchuck.Additionaly,you can use the Remote to select a player which you will pass to or let a player move to a direction you choosed.

(-=!!Caution:The opponent is not sleeping !!=- )

You should take a look on their formation to not do a Offside.....If you lighty shake your Wii-Remote,you will straddle your enemy.But you shake to hard,it will turn out to be a foul.So shake lightly,dude/dudet ! Before the game starts,you can save a strategie to your Wii-Remote and press Left/Right/Up/Down to perform it.Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 also includes a lot of Modes.There are six modes in the game:Match-,League-,Cup-Modes and Training-,and a Trade-Section. Also there is a Wii-Exclusive mode called "Champions Road".In Champions mode you can choose a favorite team and compete tons of cups.You can fight your to the top in real leagues !!After every match your team gains experiment-points and if you get a certain amount of points,you can upgrade the skills of your player.

(-=\The little things/=-)

....Are the things that make a game special.As metioned above,there is a full Mii-Support.Up to 16 Miis can be intergrated into a specific team.To put the cherry on the top,you can save the team to your Wii-Remote and take it to your friend and play with your updated squad.Last but not least you can play online Wi-Fi "Free Matches".Also cool:Thanks to WiiConnect24 you can send your team-data to your friend.

I think that this game will hopefully be a masterpiece.