Saturday, July 26, 2008

Call of Duty: World at War Wii Preview

You`re once again in WWII, but this time everything is different.

Facts :

  • Fifth installment of the "Call Of Duty"-series, excluding expansion packs
  • Much darker, graver, and duskier than its predecessor
  • The Wii version is going to be produced by Treyarch itself
  • Compatible with the Wii-Zapper
  • Also appearing for the Nintendo DS
The fourth part of the Call of Duty series was pretty unfair: The first-person-shooter was one of the best games of 2007 and of course, didn`t appear on the Wii. Well, it solaced us Wii-users a little bit that the third part was a launch title, but it was only mediocre FPS. Anyway, this doesn`t happen us this year, because the fifth part also appears on Nintendo`s home console. Call of Duty: World at War (there is not going to be a number in the title) is going to be produced by Treyarch. Back then, a external team was responsible for the Wii version of CoD 3. This time they`re going to make it by their selfs. That`s a big plus, because CoD 3 on the Wii sucked triceratops egotistical balls. Treyarch have got a big goal : revolutionizing the FPS-genre and making the best World War II shooter ever made to this point of mankind.

A short clipping from an interview with Treyarch.

What can you tell us about the Wii-version ?

The Wii version is going to be made by Treyarch itself, just like the PC-,PS3-, and XBOX360-version. We`re not going to hire a external team in China for CoD 3 Wii like last time, we`re going to make it on every single platform by ourself. CoD 4 for the DS was a solid thing, and we worked hard to make it better. We`re going have a WiFi-multiplayer modus for 4 players, online statistics, an d a bunch of alternation.

Old War, New Enemy

What ? WWII again ? Yes, but the producers are thinking that there are enough stories to tell about this global conflict. This time it`s the Pacific war in an US-soldier viewpoint. You will also be able to play a soviet soldier on his way to Berlin. The new story will have nothing to do with the typical, stereotypical "hurra-patriotism". Instead, the player should feel how the limits of hero and villain can blur and which radical situations the soldiers had to experience.

Fire them up, fools!

Your enemy is not going react like in other FPSs. Your main enemy, the Japanese, have got a lot of guerilla tactics to show you. Your enemies climb up palms, hide in grass or in tunnels, make themselfs look dead like opossums, or trepan you into dead ends. You will never feel your self safe. But you got one new destructive weapon : the flamethrower. Just try to burn these people up !!

Let us hope that Treyarch makes something good.

Expected Articles In August

In my country, the summer break is in the month August. But don`t worry: I`m staying home. I`ve got extra much time to work on Gamesfurk. Here goes nothing ...

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