Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Yeah! New SNES games!

Since this month is themed SNES-month, I bought me an US & Japanese-version of the SNES. Now I have the PAL, JAP, and US version of the SNES. Additionally, I bought following games from my collector friend AND got a few games for free :D

Here are the games:

- Shadow Of The Beast
- Shadow Run (for 6 Euros, pretty cheap xD)
- Rock&Roll Racing (had the game once, but it broke)
- Ogre Battle Tactics
- Mrs. Pacman
- Lufia II (US-Version)
- Illusion Of Gaia
- Super Puyo Puyo
- Terranigma (always wanted it xD)
- Seikendensetsu III (bought it for 30 Euro, price on the internet was like 81€)
- Super Bikkuriman

and a few more.

The original price of the games that I bought were like 350 Euro. I got everything for 188 Euro, since I only bought games that he owned twice :D

So, now I have 384 SNES games, 83 Sega Mega Drive/Genesis Games, 130 NES games, 13 Neo-Geo games (REALLY expensive), 39 Gameboy/Gameboy Colo(u)r games, 32 GBA/GBA SP games, 13 GameCube games, 16 Wii games, 21 PSone games, 43 PS2 and 64 N64 games(well, actually 65, but crap on the one game). My goal was it to reach like 64 Nintendo 64 games, but last month I found a game in my room, so 65 xD


famicomfreak said...

wow that's a pretty nice lot of games you got. Lufia 2 and Seiken Densetsu 3 are the aces of that lot. Congrats and hope you have a lot of fun.

The Blogger Formerly Known As "Me" said...

Well, I think Terranigma is a gem too...

Kyle said...

Ogre Battle Tactics! That game is so good!