Thursday, August 21, 2008

GC 2008 Leipzig: Sony Recap

The Leipzig Games Convention 2008 has started. It`s not as important as the E3 for hardcore-Nintendo junkies, but I still have some news for you.

  • Playstation 3 (160 GB)

First, let us begin with the humongous, black, and costly rapacious beast that Sony created. Why, Sony, why....additionally to the 80 GB version that will be released this Friday (Europe), Sony announces a 160 GB version.

Sony reports that it will possibly will be available October. It will cost about 740 $. Every single cent will not be worth it. Poor pennys. Sony also announced an Downloadclient. What the hell that should be? Don`t ask me. Ask your PS3, you stupid §%$$%"!% Sony Fanboy !!

  • PSP 3000

Sony announced, that the new version of the handheld will have a "larger amount of colors and contrasts", that should allow "lower and vivaciously colors". A less reflecting display should ease the playing under the wide roof winding. The PSP-3000 also includes a better LCD screen, a built-in microphone, and interlaced-scan compatibility for video-out.The PSP with the model-number 3000 will be available on the 15th October worldwide for estimated 199 €, 395 $ or 32000 Japanese Yen.

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