Friday, June 25, 2010

PC games are better than console-games (...?)

Some people say, that gaming on your own home PC is going to die out quite soon. But it isn't that way, because PC gaming has thing to offer that fellow consoleros only dare to dream about. In this blog entry, I will tell you guys, why PC gaming is still alive and ready to rock the industry.

Technology: The biggest advantage of the PC is the fact that the developers don't have to stick to static components. Because of that, graphics at your computer are almost always better than the graphics consoles have to offer. Following: More atmosphere for your inner nerd to enjoy. You can also tune your PC or build in new parts; so that your nerdy desire for a better performance and even better graphics is satisfied, whilst the typical El Consolero has to stick with the power his console has to offer and just be content with it.

Price: PC games are generally cheaper than console games. An average Xbox 360 game costs about 60€, while a PC game only costs 50€. That is a difference of 10€; or 20%, of which you can buy that handy dandy little Mudkip figurine you always wanted.

Freeware: Another pro-argument for PC gaming is freeware. A lot of games for the computer are free; and that doesn't mean that they have to suck as hard as Petey Piranhas' privates. Examples needed? Well, Battlefield-Heroes, Runes of Magic and (following this autumn) Lord of The Rings Online and many more. This is the proof that Free2play can also be of good gaming quality. Consoleros aren't privileged to do things like that, mostly because there aren't any platforms for that.

Open Source: Some developers aren't allowed to work on patches on already released games. Or just don't have the time or money too. But, of course, we nerds once again save the earth from eternal peril: Fanboys and fangirls get to the job and fix all your bug rotten games. Example: Gothic 3. After the developers and publishers got into a fight, the development was halted. The greedy sonofaoktoroks over at the publishers still released the game, even though it was full of bugs. The community project "Community Patch Team" came to the rescue and fixed tons of bugs with "just" 5 patches (2.9 GB). This wouldn't be possible on a console.

Mods: You finished your favorite game and wasted another 49 hours of your not-so-precious life, now what= Well, PC gamers can get themselves mods and play on. Because of this option, a lot of great mods (or even full-priced games) were  made. Counter-Strike is the most famous example. Originally only a modification for the ego-shooter Half Life; now one of the most played games on the whole freaking planet.

MMO: One of the most successful genres of the wonderful world of gaming: MMORPGs. Letting the participants slip away into another realm, it is very popular amongst fellow nerds. World Of Warcraft has got 11 million active players; such numbers couldn't be achieved on a console-based MMORPG.

Exclusive titles: Not only consoleros can play exclusive titles like games of the Mario series, Halo etc. There are plenty of good exclusive titles for the PC. Valve and Blizzard, two legendary studios, only develop for the personal computer. StarCraft, Half-Life and Warcraft is only available for PC players (except like the XBox version of Counter Strike or HalfLife, which majorly SUCK).

Even though the PC is a great gaming platform, I will still stick to my SNES ^^


Unknown said...

becasue pc games can be scaled from minimum to maximum and with everything inbetween i wonder if its easy to make them look bad?

maybe hte people who took these shots should get better systems.

HiFi said...

I think that Pc gaming won't ever go away. Consoles are novelties that people go for because hey, "I want to be part of a big gaming network" Without that, then consoles would just be hardware that people replace every 4 to 5 years, like kitchen appliances.

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George B. said...

I'm always gonna like console games better than pc.

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