Tuesday, June 02, 2009

4 easy Tips to Help You Be A Hardcore Gamer & A Definition Of Hardcore Gaming

Hi there!

I will present you 4 tips that will help you be accepted as a hardcore gamer by the mass-community. First of all, let's define the word "hardcore-gamer". A "hardcore-gamer" is the exact opposite of a "casual-gamer". We hardcore gamers prefer playing video games instead of "normal" hobbies and differ to "normal gamers" because of the obvious fact that normal-gamers only play once in a while for entertainment. It also could be stereotypically called a "game-addict", which is a very extreme term. I will write an article about game addicts sooner, but hardcore gamers aren't really addicted, just fascinated of the work of our fellow developers and publishers.

We hardcore gamers also play approximately 100 games per year, which causes a section of the hardcore community being real bad mothaf***erz who copy, share, and download games. These so called "gamers" just destroy the gaming publishers ability to buy an all-inclusive trip to Monté Carlo, which is as bad as stealing a diamond, killing a person, decapitate a head, or even steal 2 diamonds. So big bad pirates, please leave us hardcore gamerz alone.

Our community is emotionally driven by playing games, and we can't stop it. But it is NOT an addiction (mostly), because this love towards an art is controlled and wanted. And the most significant attribute pwned [sic] is a great technical knowledge, easily adapting the current skillz [sic] to another game, noobing pwns, and u$!ñg !ñt3rñ3t $l4ñg !ñ ©0mm0ñd4¥ v0©4bul4r¥ b¥ $3ñ$3l3$ 4ñd br4!ñl3$ w0rd$ $u©H 4$ LoL, wH!©H H4$ b33ñ 0v3ru$3d b¥ t33ñ$ l!K!ñg r4p 4ñd bur¥!ñg tH3m$3lv3$ !ñ$!d3 t33ñ-3m4g$ !ñ tH3 p3rv-3©t!0ñ. Ult!m4t3l¥, !t !$ 0ñl¥ 4 0v3ru$3d l4b3l.

So, enough with the definition, lets get started!

1. First of all, consider br0w$!ñg g4m!ñg w3b$!t3$ such as GameSpot, ScrewAttack, 1Up, or even Gamesfurk to soak up our creepy nerdiness. Wikipedia is also a great source for nerdiness, but the finding of the information is too easy and too short for getting the nerd-mentality.
2. Second of all, pl@¥ @ H@Rd©0R3g@m3!!! Dont consider playing Halo or something like that, play good old Super Mario World, Doom, Sonic The Hedgehog, and Super Hang-On. Not that I dislike games such as Halo, it`s just that you can train almost everything by playing a good ol' classic. Please try to own the actual console, you can get the greatest console of all time, the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) for 6.00$ and up. Emulators such as ZNES will never transfer the real feeling. Try playing newer games such as Counter-Strike 1.6, Halo, Jak 2 or 3, Command & Conquer etc. later on.

3. d0ñ't ru$H !t. Nerdiness is something that comes naturally and that you can't force. If you fail, just give it up. It's something you're born with, just like with a beard which is only the secret-hiding place of Chuck Norris' iron fist. Yeah, irony at it's best.

4. R34d gr34t g4m!ñg l!t3r4tur3. There are many great gaming books out there such as "The Ultimate History Of Video Games: Pong to Pokémon" or "Masters Of Doom" .

Ultimately, it is just a overused label. But only the will and the passionate love towards video games will help you succeed on your way, my fellow student. Thee must treat a game like a women: Smooth and easy. You gotta make the chemistry between you and the game interact. You gotta make love, not Counter-Strike. You gotta strike to the beat. You gotta be the very best, like no one ever was. You have got to pay a homage to 3 things in a few sentences that can only be found by South-Park viewers, Pokèmon geeks, and a Cuban revolutionist who has the best website of the whole universe.

I will continue sooner or later, once I fix a few bugs on my TeamSpeak Server, my TeeWorlds server, and my blog...Sayonara!