Tuesday, March 04, 2008


!!! Allstar-Beat `em Up Smash-Fighters Better Then Ever !!!!!!!!!

  • Classic-Mode with 11 Stages plus "Game And Watch"-Level
  • Adventure-Mode with eight hours non-stop action
  • Special-Melees are now also able to be played against another player
  • 35 characters (14 of them unlockable)
  • 30 arenas (7 unlockable) plus Melee levels
  • 16:9/480p-Picture,sound in Dolby ProLogic II
Table Of Contents
1.0 Let The Hype Begin !!!!
2.0 Which Controller Should I Use ?
3.0 More Modes Than A Swiss-Army Knife
4.0 Gotta Unlock Em All !
5.0 Last Words

0-=:;Let The Hype Begin:;=-O

Oh, Nintendo, you certainly have come a long way. The original Super Smash Bros. started out as an experiment between Satoru Iwata and a young Masahiro Sakurai. The idea behind the game was to make an unparalleled fighting experience that took specific advantage of the analog stick, which was one of the N64's stones at the time. It wasn't until later in the development that Sakurai had asked for permission to slap Nintendo's most well-known characters onto the bodies of the fighters and market the game as the perfect "Nintendo-Fan" fighting experience.

Two years after its release, a significantly beefier Smash Bros. Melee launched on the GameCube, which stood the test of time for a solid 6 years. Finally, almost a decade after the first release, we are delighted with the third and presumably final chapter in the Smash series, entitled Super Smash Bros.
Brawl.Super Smash Bros. Brawl is everything a true gamer could want from a outstanding Nintendo console in the seventh-generation of video gaming-history.

Even the character-list is filled with Nintendo`s mascots and icons: It`s a list full of characters that saved the video game crash of 1983 or made other rival systems (Neo-Geo,Sega Mega Drive,Playstation,...) unpopular and extinct.
Mario,Fox Mccloud,Solid Snake,Sonic,Wario,Pokemon-Trainer,Kirby,Zero-Suit Samus,Yoshi,Meta Knight and lots more are featured in this mega-game!! First of all,let`s go to the subject "Controller"

2.0 §$%&/)(0ßWhich Conroller Should I Use ?ß0)(/&%$§

Which Controller should we use to fight with Mario,Pikachu,Samus,Link and the rest ? Gamesfurk knows the answer..

GameCube Controller
OldSchool-Feeling: 5 Stars Out Of 5
Grip: 2 Stars Out Of 5
Use : 2 Stars Out Of 5

Well,I used the Gamecube-Controller first and here is my decision : The GameCube controller is really good for the old-school Super Smash Bros. Melee-players.But what really bugs me is : I kind of like don`t use the old controller any more,so I am not used to the cable of GC controllers.Well in this situation I recommend the Wii-Remote,ut thefinal decision is up to you.

Classic Controller

OldSchool-Feeling: 4 Stars Out Of 5
Grip: 3 Stars Out Of 5
Use : 1 Star Out Of Five

I can´t really say, but I think this controller is good for Smash fighters who loved the GameCube(-controller) but lost/selled.... it.But the buttons are to wide away!!!
Nintendo Wii

OldSchool-Feeling: 1 Star Out Of 5
Grip: 5 Stars Out Of 5
Use: 4 Stars Out Of 5

I like the GameCube-Controller,but now it`s time for change (Gamesfurk For President;)! I just wanna say "yes" to something new.And thats why I like to use the Wii-Remote.Additionally all useful buttons are to unreachable , and there is nothing which spoils the fun.

3.0 "§$-More Modes Than A Swiss Army Knife-$§"

The smash excitement already begins before the main-menu appears.Because the "VIP"-game loads on a Dual-Layer Memory,the loading time is much longer than standard Wii-Games.After the game loaded,our eyes look directly at the character-screen.Uhh,only 21 fighters.But you have to unlock 14 characters,so you will be pretty busy,trust me.It looks like Nintendo only choosed the Crème de la Créme so that everybody would find there right fighter.Even (mostly) unknown characters like Lucas (From the USA and Japan exclusive RPG "Earthbound") or R.O.B. (the toy-robot for the NES) are playable.

Also,the "unlock"-factor is hugly higher then the predecessor Super Smash Bros. Melee . In the menu you can even have a list of Nintendo-games since the NES (!).The trophys from Melee are still in the game,also 10 virual console (retro) games are unlockable as really short demos.I think Nintendo did this unlockable for more sales in the Wii Shop-Channel.No chit-chat,let us talk about the new Adventure-Mode.
The adventure mode which was not featured in "Melee". Like in the good-old fashioned 16-Bit Era with games a la Final Fight or Streets Of Rage you fight with a character and fight against monsters like in a real good Beat Em Up game.Well it doesnt sound interesting,but the more you play this XXL-Mode,the more you like it.

4.0 Gotta Unlock Em All !

The gameplay is as fast as it is used to be. Every character has similair attacks. But there are differences.Some characters can get hit more without being KO'ed then others.But the balance of stats is preety good.So nobody is really weak.One of the biggest new thing is the Ultra-Smash-Attack : If you see a glowing emblem floating somewhere in the stage,do not hestitate and just hit it.The fighter that hits the emblem KO gets a new special abbilty which can only be used once per fight.It is a lethal attack. Each character has its own Ultra-Smash.For example
Solid Snake gets his gun and shoots the enemy.If lucky enough all enemys.

5.0 Last Words

GamePlay: A combination of Smash 64 and Melee. The balanced fighting and easy-to-learn yet heavily in-depth controls will keep you striving for perfection.
Graphics: What the Wii lacks in polygon count it makes up for in sheer artistic value. Brawl looks absolutely stunning and completely appropriate at all times.
Sound: Hands-down the best soundtrack a video game has ever had. All of the sound effects are appropriate and vary enough that you won't grow tired of them. Also, Sonic Boom!
Replay Value: Infinite. Period. You will never stop playing Brawl, unless Sakurai decides to release a fourth installment on the Nintendo Us.

Final Word: I have never seen more effort put into a video game than what has been shown in Brawl. With unbelievable multiplayer fighting, an enormous single player mode, and collectibles that will last for years, there's no reason why you shouldn't buy it.

Please note this is a preview,because I only played it for like 20 minutes.When it comes out in Europe,I will do the real review.