Tuesday, June 02, 2009

C.-F.U.N. presents: "Did you know...?"s of Gaming

C.-F.U.N. here! Yeah, you might ask yourself who C.-F.U.N. is. Well, I am pronounced Captain Fun, which stands for Captain-Falcon's Useless Nowledge (Nobody wants C.-F.U.K, well almost...) ! I will tell you 10 interesting "Did you know...?"s of gaming. And to all the people out there, if you were aware of one fact, you are a nerd! Congratulations ! Now that I executed my celebratory falcon-punch, let's show our moves (Damn, I really hope you understand my bad-jokes...) !!!


1: The d-pad of the GameBoy Advance is identical to the Nintendo GameCube directional-pad.
2: Battalion Wars originally had the working title Advance Wars: Under Fire. Just before release-launch, Nintendo changed the named, probably due to reasons of quality-protection of the Advance Wars-brand.
3: Shigeru Miyamoto went to Germany to be inspired for The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. To be exact, he went to Rothenburg Ob Der Tauber.
4: Monster Games, the developers of Excite Truck, only produced racing-games since 1998. And to be exact, they only produced games for 4 series since then.
5: Mega Man 1 is the only regular Mega Man game where a points are counted.
6: It also is the only installment of the series that only has 6 robot-masters.
7: Mr. Wright from Sim City for the Super Nintendo had a guest-appearance in the game Zelda: Link's Awakening. He wrote a love-letter to Christine to that village with the animals...ugh.....
8: Dean Scott, the producer of Overlord: Dark Legend for the Wii, was formerly an editor at the British Official Nintendo Magazine.
9: Solid Snake, star of the Metal Gear Solid-series and a newcomer in Super Smash Bros: Brawl, had an appearance for DreamMix TV: World Fighters for the PS2 and GameCube, but only in the japenes version. The game was very similar to the SSB-series (which is often consired a "great-ripoff") including Bomberman and Simon Belmont.
10: John Stocker synchronised Toad in one of my favorite-cartoon called Super Mario World. He also synched Allan Thompson in the "The Adventures of Tintin" movie.

Damn, this is SO nerdy....

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