Saturday, August 02, 2008

Gamesfurk`s E3 2008: More Emotion with Wii MotionPlus ?

A new official add-on promises a better motion-sensoring.

Nintendo announced the add-on "Wii MotionPlus". Thereby, this add-on is a optional attachment to your Wii-Mote. You attach it at the under-end of your Wii Remote. were you usually plug in your Nunchuck or Classic Controller. The purpose : The movements that you perform with the Wii-Mote shall be transferred preciser to your sensor-bar. The accessory will be available with the Wii Sports successor, Wii Sports Resort (I will write a preview on that,too)

My opinion :

Wow. Nintendo is actually hearing to us and responding. Well, we are one step closer to a 1:1 motion-transfer. Will it be good, or just another piece of plastic ? I don`t know at the moment, but as the loading site at Digg says : Patience is a virtue, my friend.

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