Sunday, June 20, 2010

Children steal a disabled man's iPhone

Raul Krauthausen (kind of stereotypical name for Germans), a disabled man, has had his iPhone 3G stolen in Berlin. Three children went to the man, that was using the telephone, stole it and ran away. The man suffers from the Lobstone syndrome, also known as the brittle bone disease, and therefor has use to a wheelchair. He commented on his blog, writing "Ist das Gleichberechtigung?" (Is this equality?). Some friendly Twitter users started a donation fund, so that the poor man can buy a new iPhone. Enough money was donated, but the man asks himself if he really wants to buy a new iPhone. A poll on his website has been opened.

Raul Krauthausens blog:

A picture of Raul:

"My wheelchair. My secret."

poor man....

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