Friday, April 11, 2008

Mario Kart Wii Review

Yahoo !! Finally, Mario Kart Wii is here . How many of you were a bit nervous when Nintendo announced that Mario Kart Wii would be released so soon? How many of you started thinking it might be a 'rush job' to fill a gap in the Wii release schedule? How many saw the bikes and thought "oh no, they've ruined Mario Kart"? We'll admit it: deep down, we were worried about all of the above. It turns out we should have known better .


A long story short: It's Mario Kart! It's not some warped, twisted monster that used to be Mario Kart and has now mutated into some horrible kart/bike shambles that's lost its magic. That familiar, addictive Mario Kart gameplay is still there, only now it's even better.

There are 12 playable characters when you first start the game, with a bunch of racers to unlock. We won't spoil them just now but, needless to say, a couple of the hidden characters are surprise inclusions who haven't been in a Mario Kart game before. Some characters are only known by the hardest nerds in the business ..... Example : Toadette. Like expected the weight classes are back in force, with characters split into light, medium and heavy classes. At first, each weight class has a choice of three different karts and three different bikes, but more are unlockable as you progress.

Mario Kart Wii has a new controller called the "Wii Wheel" . I don´t really like it, because it´s inaccurate and for "Casual Gamers" (yuck). But it´s the best gaming wheel on a Nintendo console, no doubt.

-------The First Touch------

The moment of truth overwhelmed me as I opened the game. While it suck completely ? How will the Wii Wheel work ? I had to find out. Like the good old tradition, I choose the 50ccm class. Here the opponents are really foolish and easy to trick out. For casual gamers : It´s the easiest class.