Saturday, January 19, 2008

Geometry Wars: Galaxies

8-Bit Gameplay collides with High-End-Graphics=Real Good Game

☆ over 60 levels
☆ unlocked levels if the game is linked with the DS version
☆ online highscores
☆ only 40 €
☆ also as DS-Download !

Y'all thinkin‘ you got the reflexes of a professional ? Are you thinking, that you can concur stress appealing and hypersonic fast gameplay ? If yes, you would probably like "Geometry Wars : Galaxies" . Cause this one is a hell of a retro-shooter.

[<{¡Playable Chaos!}>]

You will experience explosions mostly colored and shaped.You control a itsy bitsy spaceship over a limited area.While you control with the stick,you aim with the cursor and shoot with A or B.A thick laser shows you the direction of your shot.Also,a drone floats with you who can help you in different situations.Well,you guested it,there must be evil spaceships too.They are real crazy,like if you stolen lollipops from 100 4-year olds.Ouch.Even touching your enemy costs you a live.By the chaos of tons of enemys there will be adrenaline.With a little bit practice you should enter slowly the highscore-tables and fight your way to the top.It really motivates to try to achieve a better score.It is still disappointing that you can lose your eye on the ship and shoot into nowhere.

(.:?What The Hell Are Geoms?:.)

Defeated enemys transform into little items called Geoms.If ya collect them,you could unlock new levels and new drone-skills but also as point multiplication.You can get up to 150-times the normal score.Then you get instead of lousy 25 points for an enemy 3750 points for one hit.Only this way you will achieve the gold-medallion.

!!!!!Caution,makes addicted!!!!!!!!!

This game is a must for highscore hunters and retro-shooter fans!


Sunday, January 13, 2008

Looney Tunes: Duck Amuck

Let Daffy turn crazy !

Do you guys now the Looney Tunes episode where Daffy Duck gets owned from the drawer of the cartoon ? That episode was called "Duck Amuck".The same thing happens with freakin´ Daffy Duck in this innovative DS game.The object of the game is to exasperate Daffy Duck until he goes plumb loco.To do this,you have to complete minigames.As we know Daffy,he isn't in the mood and always criticizes the video games of today or thinks:"In which game am I ?"This isn't just showed perfect,no,this is your Motto!You hit him in the right moment or draw on his body or just destroy his speech messages.Similar 20 minigames,that are real simple.You organize cards so that they are in the right position,blow up candles or push the R-Button while you are closing(!) the DS.