Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Super Mario Galaxy

Genre: Jump ´n run, Adventure

This Game is the game ever. This is masterpiece its a must play game.There are planets,one of the planet is even a pok├ęball-planet! Now comes a mega review.

1.0 Costumes
1.5 Short facts
2.0 Review Part 1
2.5 In the dark vades of the galaxy
2.7 Star? Wait,I am coming!
3.0 Get 'em all !
4.0 Opinions of other people in town.

1.0 Costume

Here are some of the transformation costumes.
Bee-Mario:Buzz around with the Bee-Mario!
Appears:When you get a Bee colored [black-yellow] mushroom.
Again back to Mario:When your been touched or attacked from a foe,fallen down or When you have contact with water.
Fire-Mario:This can shoot fire.You know the old-timer Fire-Mario from Super Mario World.
Appears:When you get a red flower.
Again Back to normal Mario: When the Time limit is over.
Ghost-Mario:Go through walls with ghost Mario.
Appears:If you get a white mushroom.(with a tongue and look like a ghost).Can fly trough walls
Normal Mario:When your been touched or attacked from a foe,fallen down or When you have contact with water.

Spring-Mario:Bounce always like a crazy guy with em´.
Appears:If you get a white mushroom (with stripes)
Normal Mario: When your been touched or attacked from a foe,fallen down or When you have contact with water.
Ice-Mario:Can turn water to ice.Ability to walk at the water.
Appears:When you get a blue flower
Normal Mario:After a time-limit or after you touched a foe.

1.5 Short facts
  • Six galaxys and 120 powerstars
  • Its worth it to play the game two times:)Then comes....
  • Dolby Logic 460 or 16:9
  • Mailtoads messages appear on the Wii Pinboard

2.0 Review Part 1

A game like starbits: Shiny,fascinating ,brilliant!
I analyze, who good really the Mario-Dream(ing good)galaxy is.

These are the best in game minutes until now,that a Mariofan could ask for:
Who touches Super Mario Galaxy for the first time will play a adventure for all his/her senses.
The Wii-epos begins with a unusual sensationally kidnapping-scene of Princess Peach.The story isn't that good,but we understand that they want to come to the point:the titanic gameplay!
I have looked in more than the half (65 powerstars) of the game and i can usure you,that you will know what made Super Mario Galaxy to the best game ever!
(Gamerankings say Ocarina Of Time is slightly ((0,2%)) better)

2.5 In the dark fades of the galaxy

Little cuts for yourselves,a big cut into direction fun:The tempo and the big diversity of the first scenes are extremely high:Bowser shoots meteors like he shooted before from the skys and you run to the excited Toad-hoard to the castle of Princess Peach.Over there the cruel magician Kamek is waiting for you.So many action at the beginning of a Mario-Game was unbelivable.Until now.Additionally the "fast-intro-skip-syndrom" is gone,which only a extrem little amount of games have.After a few minutes,your first task is to be competed:Catch them freakin' rabbits,that are jumpin' around.You said it,I did it and "shupp de wupp" you meet Rosalina,the owner of the observatory.And the player doesn't just only complete a boring
tutorial,no no no,he learns the basics of a masterpiece in a fun,cool,and chic level.

2.7 Star? Wait,i am coming !

The highlight of Super Mario Galaxy is the open gameworld:You can decide anytime which mission you want to take on.Is your task to hard ?Try another galaxy!The location was in
Super Mario 64 the Toadstool-Castle and in Super Mario Sunshine the Delphino Island,but now the location is the star observatory.Sad is that in the real ingame world,you cant explore things like to let the swimming pool dry up like in Super Mario 64.This is one of the reasons , why you don't need a Walktrough to play Super Mario Galaxy . The focus of the game is to explore the new horizons by yourself.The world above is a much smaller than the 64-Bit Toadstool-Castle.
The producers have made their right decision,because you can get closer to the actual key of the game:The powerstars !

3.0 Get ´em all !

120 of the relics are in the Mario-Galaxy.Well,the number didn't really change.To collect these freakin´ pointy stars, you must compete tasks such as:A race versus a well trained ray.In the honey hive galaxy you free the bee queen from five star splitters.Well,you have seen 20 % of the missions kind of like in Super Mario 64.The gameplay of this game is very good,but still in a newly discovered Retro-Mario style.Lack of gameplay is not receivable.

4.0 Opinions from others in town

What a cool game ! Super Mario Galaxy is a must for every Wii-Owner! Not even one level compares with another.With so many game ideas i am asking myself if Miyamoto could ever top this one!


  • Leveldesign A+
  • Two times playable
  • Very good balanced difficulty
  • Technical Brilliance in 480p and 16:9
Rating:10.0 Super Mario Galaxy has showed that that the Wii RULES