Saturday, November 03, 2007

Super Smash Bros. Brawl Stages

Battlefield Delfino Plaza Yoshi’s Island Lylat Cruise

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Bridge of Eldin Smashville Rumble Falls Skyworld

Castle Siege WarioWare Pokémon Stadium 2 Battleship Halberd

Super Smash Bros. Brawl Characters



This are all the characters that will appear in Super Smash Bros. Brawl!

Meta Knight


Lucas Sonic

Mario Link Kirby


Donkey Kong Yoshi Peach Ice Climbers

Thursday, November 01, 2007


Note-The Content From This Post
can not be represented without
permission from this blog.

1.First of all,look at the price menu at any
Burger Shot.It says everything for
69cents.But if you look closely,everything is for
29cents.And with 'everything' i mean burgers like
'Fish ****'.

2.If you look in the sky in Las Venturas,there you can
see something nice.

3.In the German PC Version,if you replay in Catalina
Missions,something gross happens.

4.This one is funny.If you go to
the a camera perspective(that
im not going to tell
which one it is),you will be lucky enough to
look at people attempting

5.In the english version,look what happens
if you have a combine harvester and
run over pedestrians.

6.If you drive inside the police parkinglot in
Los Santos with a police car,you can see a
police officer beating a pedestrian.Rumors
say that it is supposed to be Will Smith.

7.Shoot with the sniper rifle on the moon.

8.Stop the movements for 2-3 minutes.Then CJ
will rap and/or flip out.

9.A import cars driver plate says:ea sucks

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

GTA San Andreas PC Cheats

munasef - Adrenaline effects
ylteicz - Aggressive traffic
speedfreak - All cars have nitrous
xjvsnaj - Always 00:00 or 12:00
ofviac - Always 21:00
hesoyam - Armor, health, and money
cikgcgx - Beach party theme
bgkgtjh - Beater traffic
iowdlac - Black traffic
bagowpg - Bounty on your head
crazytown - Carnival theme
bsxsggc - Cars fly away
iojufzn - City in chaos
kangaroo - CJ jumps higher
alnsfmzo - Cloudy weather
szcmawo - Commit suicide
cpktnwt - Destroy all cars
speeditup - Fast motion
flyingfish - Flying boats
ripazha - Flying cars
cfvfgmj - Foggy weather
mroemzh - Gangs and workers
bifbuzz - Gangs only
professionalkiller - Hitman level in all weapons
xicwmd - Invisible cars
bekknqv - Kinky theme
asnaeb - Lower wanted levell
ouiqdmw - Manual weapon control in cars
cjphonehome - Massive BMX bunny hops
btcdbcb - Maximum fat
cvwkxam - Maximum lung capacity
buffmeup - Maximum muscle
worshipme - Maximum respect
helloladies - Maximum s** appeal
naturaltalent - Maximum vehicle skills
kvgyzqk - No fat or muscle
aeduwnv - No hunger
bluesuedeshoes - Pedestrians are Elvis
bgluawml - Pedestrians attack with guns
foooxft - Pedestrians have weapons
ajlojyqy - Pedestrians riot
pggomoy - Perfect handling
llqpfbn - Pink traffic
osrblhh - Raise wanted level
sjmahpe - Recruit anyone into gang with guns
zsoxfsq - Recruit anyone into gang with rocket launcher
ghosttown - Reduced traffic
bmtpwhr - Rural theme
fvtmnbz - Rural traffic
cwjxuoc - Sandstorm weather
bringiton - Six star wanted level
slowitdown - Slow motion
cqzijmb - Spawn Bloodring Banger
rzhsuew - Spawn Caddy
eegcyxt - Spawn Dozer
ohdude - Spawn Hunter
jumpjet - Spawn Hydra
rocketman - Spawn Jetpack
monstermash - Spawn Monster
aiypwzqp - Spawn Parachute
akjjyglc - Spawn Quad
pdnejoh - Spawn Racecar
vpjtqwv - Spawn Racecar
jqntdmh - Spawn Rancher
aiwprton - Spawn Rhino
aqtbcodx - Spawn Romero
celebritystatus - Spawn Stretch
urkqsrk - Spawn Stunt Plane
amomhrer - Spawn Tanker
truegrime - Spawn Trashmaster
kgggdkp - Spawn Vortex
ysohnul - Speed up time
gusnhde - Sports car traffic
auifrvqs - Rainy weather
mghxyrm - Stormy weather
afzllqll - Sunny weather
iavenjq - Super punches
vkypqcf - Taxi missions completed
zeiivg - Traffic lights remain green
fullclip - Unlimited ammunition
baguvix - Unlimited health
jcnruad - Vehicle of death
icikpyh - Very sunny weather
aezakmi - Wanted level never increases
lxgiwyl - Weapons (tier 1)
kjkszpj - Weapons (tier 2)
uzumymw - Weapons (tier 3)
ninjatown - Yakuza theme

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

GTA SA Best Of The Best Vehicle List Version1.0

Grand Theft Auto S.A. Best Of The Best:
Rating System is X.X(random) out of 10.0
NOTE:I only put vehicles that i drove and love up here.

BF-400: 8.0/10.0
Speed:Quite Fast
Rareness:Most Common Bike
Design:A Cool Japanese-Styled Bike

NRG-500: 9.7/10.0
Speed:Hypersonic,Fastest Bike There Ever Was!
Rareness:Almost Extinct!
Design:No Naked Bike,So Its Cool!
Recommendation:Very High-MUST HAVE For Bikers

Sanchez: 8.5/10.0
Speed:Real Fast
Rareness:Not That Rare
Design:A Hot Motocross-Bike
Recommendation:Great!-A Good Stunt Bike For Hills

Now that were the cool bikes.Of course,you like other bikes
too,but I personally favorite these bikes.
Now to the Boats!!

Recommendation:At least its better than the other boats!!

Speed:Read "Jet"!
Design:A aerodynamic Design
Recommendation:High-A All-Round Bike

Rareness:Real Common
Design:A Boring Design
Recommendation:Mediocre-Pretty Boring!

Vortex Hovercraft:9.4
Speed:Speed Is Not Important!
Design:A Hovercraft!What Else U Want?
Rareness:Almost Impossible(without Cheat)
Recommendation:Very High-Uncontrollable,just right for killing
innocent pedestrians!

Next ones Up!

Design:Looks Japanese
Rareness:If your not hallucinating,rare

Bandito: 9.5/10.0
Speed:Dang Fast
Design:A TopModel Car!
Rareness:Only 3 In Whole Game!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Worst Games Of All Time : Episode II : Superman 64 Review

Hi,if you would like to read more about games that can mentally let you commit suicide (bad games) then look at these other neat and fine articles (reviews) about the worst video games of all time.

Link To :
====> Episode I : E.T. The Extra Terrestrial <====
====> Episode II : Superman 64 (your reading it , bub)<====
====> Episode III : Pac-Man For Atari 2600 <====
====> Episode IV : Bad Street Brawler <====

====> Episode V : Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde <====
====> Episode VI : Shaq Fu <====

This happens when you play Superman 64,also known as Superman:The New Superman Adventures.Considered the -Worst Game Of All TIME-,Superman 64 sucks pumpkin seeds.
Superman,the western icon of drunkenness,power and disastrous games makes a appearance on
the beloved Nintendo 64.I would say -Worst Game On A Nintendo Console-.Nintendo is known
for its quality games and Gamesdevolper named it the best gaming developer of quarter 1,2 and 3 of 2007.

The Man Of Steel has over 300 Superabbilities like X-Ray Sight,but game rarely uses any other
abilities than flying.This is how response sarcastic:

Yay,one more good game!My game E.T. was destroyed by Hulk,so i bought Superman 64!
So here are the facts:You can play as Superman in 14 Levels.14 Levels of Explosions and action
packed flights!Use Supermans Abilities to defeat the monkey-brained mazes of Mr.Lex!
Pick up useful cars and items!I have Titus advertisement everywhere!!Because this game rules!
Up to Four Players!And of course i will find 3 People that want to play this brilliant masterpiece!
S-man really runs fast with his cool and realistic hypersonic run abilities!And you can throw
stuff.Do believe that THIS is a highlight.As you there are no other games were you can throw

Superman 64,the game that defined a generation of unsurpassed gameplay!
A milestone in video game graphics!The Game,the legend and the rings!
If you don't like this you are:Mr.Unimportant!
First of all the gameplay.The masterful controls will carry you by assault!!
Lots of obstacles waiting to be killed!Notable things are the ease of flying like a drunk
skunk(drunk skunk,it RHYMES) or the breathtaking graphics of this very accepted game.
Please take a moment of silence for the victory of this glorified game!Now comes my favorite part:
-The Fight Moves-Notice the addicting melee attacks of superman!!
-The Giant Drunk Eels-Like everything else in the game,they are drunk!!
-The Explosions-
-The Rings-
-The Rings-
-The Rings-
-The Car Chases-
-The Flawless Fights!-
-The Fluid Movements-

Now the positive aspects of this milestone:
-Unsurpassed Visuals-
-Giant Drunk Eels-
-The Hula Hoops-
-Ice Breath-

Now to the negative aspects:
-May Cause Seizures
-May Cause Nausea
-May Cause Irritation
-May Cause Diarrhea
-May Cause Depression
-May Cause Hydrophobia
-May Cause Malaria
-May Cause Ligament Rupture

Now its Gamesfurks turn:
I rate this sucker a


Gamesfurk Poll Summary Nm. 3

Gamesfurk Poll Summary
Question:Best Wii Game?

Tony Hawks Downhill Jam
7 (33%)
The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess
10 (47%)
Call Of Duty IV
6 (28%)
Red Steel
6 (28%)
Super Paper Mario
8 (38%)
Wario Ware Smooth Moves
7 (33%)
Resident Evil 4 Wii Edition
7 (33%)
Super Mario Galaxy
11 (52%)
5 (23%)
Bleach:Shattered Blades
6 (28%)
Need For Speed Pro Speed
9 (42%)

And the winners are:3.Need For Speed Pro Speed 2.The Legend Of Zelda Twilight Princess
1.Super Mario Galaxy