Saturday, October 13, 2007

Wii Updates

1 Update:
Version 2.o Nov 19 2006
-Better Design
-Online Support
-Ability to move channels

Nov 29 2006
-Blocked Wii Shop Channel hacks

Dec 19 2006
-Support for Forecast Channel

Jan 29 2007
-Support for News Channel

Feb 14 2007
-Support for Everybody Votes Channel

Apr 11 2007
-Support for Internet Channel Final Version

Version 3.o Aug 6 2007
-Wii Shop Channel Update

Aug 13 2007
-Prevented Internet Reset Freze
-Lan Adapter stability
-Support for Everybody Votes Channel.

Version 3.1 Oct 10 2007
-Ability to use USB-Keyboard for Internet Channel
-More support for Internet Channel.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Wii Play

Now lets talk about Wii Play.In almost every Version a Wii Remote is given as a Bonus.
Its in the Wii Series.This Series includes Wii Sports,Wii Fit and Wii Music and Wii Chess.
It features your own customized Miis.This Game consists of nine Minigames that are designed
for two players,but it can also be played as a single player.None of
the games need a Nunchuk,except for
Tanks! game,in which you must control it with
a Nunchuk.This is optional,because you can also do it with the the Remote.
The Games are :

Shooting:You must shoot balloons,Ufos,Birds,penguin and Soda

Find Mii:You must find Miis with the descriptions.Boring.They stand,
walk and swim.You have to find the
two same Miis,the fastest Mii,your Mii,a favorite,and a the Odd Miis.

Table Tennis:I luv this Game!Just like in Wii Sports,the more you
play,the more audience.Theres a 11 Score Game.

Pose Mii:You must pose the Mii in the bubble using
the Wii Pointer.

Laser Hockey:Its kind of like Air Hockey.You control
the laser with the help of the
Wii Remote.The Position
and the Location
is very important
Its a First to score 8

Fishing:You fish varies fish.There is a
Bonus Fish that changes every 30 Seconds.
Points are added and subtracted by fish.

Billards:Features a Nine Ball Game.You have
to move with arrows,pull and push.

Charge!:You have a cow(or bull,can`t really tell).You control
the Wii Remote sideways.If you twist it forwards,
it boosts the speed of your cow.If you twist backwards,
your cow/bull loses speed.Tilt the Remote for a jump.
You have to catch the scarecrows.

Tanks!:You must destroy Enemy Tanks with Firepower
and Mines.You can also play it with the Nunchuk.

Well,you must have noticed that this game helps
you learn the basic controlling of the Wii.


Thursday, October 11, 2007

Final Fantasy:Crystal Chronics for Wii

Final Fantasy:Crystal Chronics:

.:Yay! Neo Geo is here:.

Yay! It is finally here! The Pal
Version of NeoGeo Games on the
Wii Shop Channel!
After the announcement a few months,I waited
like a dirty swain. The first Game is Fatal Fury: Art of Fighting.
In 1991,NeoGeo Games costed 200 DM(100€ or 90 $)!
Now we can get NeoGeo for only 9 Bucks(900 Wii Points).

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Transformer The Games

Well,this review is about the game Transformers.All versions feature the same stuff.The Wii version features the best controls.The Wii graphics are just a slower resolution.The Ratings are
USK12+ or E10+(varies by version).

This lists the playable and non-playable characters on the game.


Character Playable?
Optimus Prime Yes
Bumblebee Yes
Jazz Yes
Ironhide Yes
Ratchet (Playable in the DS version, also PsP on multi)
Longarm No
Skydive (Transformers) No
Hound No
Trailbreaker No


Character Playable?
Megatron Yes
Starscream Yes
Barricade Yes
Blackout Yes
Scorponok (playable in the Wii, PC, Xbox 360 and PS2 versions)
Bonecrusher (playble in the PSP Multi)
Swindle (playable in the PSP Multi)
Dreadwing (playable in the PSP multi)
Brawl (Playable in the DS version, also playable in PSP multi)
Shockwave (Playable in the PSP multi)
Frenzy No
Dropkick No
Payload No
Scrapper No
Mixmaster No


Character Playable?
Sam Witwicky No
Mikaela Banes No

Now lets talk about the Nintendo DS Version.Games like Pokemon and Mega-Man Battle

Network have similar versions.So it doesnt matter which one you have.But the

DS games Transformers:Autobots and Transformers:Decepticons

are completly other games.While the Autobots Version completly bases on the location
Arctic,while the Decepticons version bases on a Qatar military.And the DS version
also features a Online Clan Gameplay.First it was restriced to 10 Members,
but to date unlimited people.


Monday, October 08, 2007

Pro Evolution Soccer

Now we are talking about the one of the most popular Soccer Series ever.Yup you guessed it,Pro
Evolution Soccer,also called Winning Eleven.In its early years it was called International
Super Star Soccer.I'm going to review this game in a week or so.After the Nes and Snes
it joined Sony.And the ISS Series lacked from realistic behavior.For instance,a player could
have 4 Yellow Cards in one game and still play.Or they misspelled Columbia and wrote Colombia.ISS wanted to erase its path and start a new Series.
So then Pro Evolution Soccer was born.Almost every Game was released each year in October,while the Japanese Version of was released a few weeks earlier.And at the time ,Konami did not have the EXCLUSIVE right to put real Football/Soccer Players.
Electronic Arts has them,so the FIFA Series is a arch rival of PES.It could only
have this Rights by 2007:


  • Flag of Italy Serie A
  • Flag of Japan Junior League Division 1 and 2
  • Flag of South Korea K.League
  • Flag of Spain La League
  • Flag of the Netherlands Eredivese
  • Flag of France Ligue 1

Licensed Clubs in Unlicensed Leagues

National Teams