Sunday, February 10, 2008

Pros talking I:A new Nintendo DS?

The analyst Evan Wilson from Pacific Crest Securities speculates that Nintendo is working on a new Nintendo-DS model. Allegendly the new DS will be thinner, have no GameBoy-Advance Slot and will have a bigger screen, Wilson says. Additionaly the handheld console will have Internal-Memory, so it will be able to save music and photos. Wilson also says it will not be released, if the DS sells like last year.

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A new version of the Nintendo DS makes pretty much sense. Nintendo wants to release DS-demos on the Wii-Shop channel...then a internal-mermory is needed. Nintendo also wants older adults to buy the Nintendo DS,so it is smart to make a bigger screen.Someday the sales will stop and Nintendo will have to bring a new device on the market.Then the new updates will help Nintendo.It did by GBA SP and DS Lite,so it will probally work here to.