Friday, August 22, 2008

Sam and Max Season One (Wii) Preview

(Note: If you`re in a hurry, just read chapter 1.2-1.5)

1.0 Facts
1.1 Exorbitant Intro
1.2 Comeback after 16 years
1.3 Easier puzzles
1.4 What changed ?
1.5 Last word

1.0 Sam & Max Season One Facts:

Genre: Adventure
Publisher: JoWooD Production
Developer : Telltale Games
Players: 1
Release Dates :

: Aug, 26th 2008

: Aug, 29th 2008

  • Was released 2006/2007 for Windows PC
  • Includes six episodes; each one takes approximately two hours to solve
  • Simple controlling via Wii Remote
  • Relaxing jazz soundtrack


Exorbitant Intro

Who comes to attempt a daring, spectacular and groundbreaking rescue ? Who comes to restore equity, justice, fairness and righteousness ? Who helps altruistic, when fellow citizens are in inconceivable perils ? Two animals...two friends...two legends..two members of the Freelance Police will not even lightly stir their pinkie for the townsmen in extremity, their successors in emergencies, and the women in destitution. Unless, the self seeking hare and a egoistic hound are pertained and affected from the nasty doings, presentiments and dark deeds fulfilled by diabolic criminals , sick rascals, psychotic villains and sinister evildoers......

Or when they can just shoot every single quantum of matter out of them. Well, anyways...adventure veterans and comic-book freaks know this wild duo since a few decades. Sam, "the six foot tall anthropomorphic dog" and Max, the lagomorpha- "a hyperkinetic rabbity thing". Enough talk, Sam & Max Hit The Road was released 1993 for the PC. Notwithstanding, it should be the only Sam & Max game, but because of the wacky story and the rare use of such unique black, painful humor, it was a big success and had a large fan community.

Comeback after 13 years

On the November of 2006, after 13 years, Sam & Max remigrated to the PC-- a adventure game in a episodic format. Every few weeks, a new adventure was released for a bargain buy. The Wii version will include all six episodes. Our anti-hero cops will face on manipulated lives, brain washing and the assassination of a president. Of course, Sam & Max are already on the job, trying to solve the case...but before that, the two cops need their telephone. But their telefon was stolen by a fat, greasy rat. It wants Swiss Cheese as the ransom. I am not going to tell you the answer, but it is, to say it in a fair way, somehow "different".

Easier puzzles

To wrap it all up, you will get a classic adventure-feeling just like in the good old early days. But the most important element will get a new twist: The solution of the assignments. The 1993 game Sam & Max Hit The Road had many tricky solutions that were just absurd and complicated. Nowadays, the challenges should by far logically . The dialogs between the odd friends will make sure that the game will still keep its charm, that it be pretty audacious and saucily, blatant and starkly.

What changed ?

I could play a preview-version of it, and found almost no changes to the PC version. Sure, the graphics are not good as the PC version. But at least you can play it from the couch or whatever. First you meet you a few teenie stars, that obviously are brainwashed. Noticeable is the amount of talking. It is almost like a interactive sitcom. In another episode, you actually are in a talk show

Last word

Overall, good synchro, nice humor and six episodes to solve. Adventure fans should annotate the release date. I am happy that this is released for the PC. I will buy this one, because I suspect a bargain buy. Then nothing stands against dirty cop work.
I give it 4 guns out of five.