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Divided Opinions: Wolfenstein 3D Review For SNES

Divided Opinions: Wolfenstein 3D for SNES

Now first of all, we are talking about the US version of Wolfenstein 3D for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. This is the only version I have besides the censored German version (Note: I live in Germany), where the enemies aren't Nazis and the end boss is called Heinrich, which is a ordinary German name. I never had the experience to own this game for PC, but I could play it a few times. Most of the people reading this will ask themselves why the word "Divided Opinions" is in the title...we will come to that later.

I just want to put a big note here before I start the review:

Things are getting complicated now: In the original Personal Computer version, you will have to take the fight against German Nationalists (long for Nazis). But the SNES version doesn't really tell you if you are fighting against Nazis or not, because all references and similarities were mostly censored. For example, Adolf Hitler (which I will call Adi or Adolfo in this review) was originally one of the bosses of one stage. But here he was moved to the last stage with his name changed to "Stadtmeister" (literally meaning "City-Master") or Heinrich in some versions, his mustache removed, and almost all visible or heard references removed, for example the removal of swastikas (I hope you noticed that almost every room is a swastika!) and the attacking dogs (which were replaced by mutant rats).

Some groups wouldn't really like this references, but couldn't there be any option of fighting against Nazis or not, or even two different games?! I still don't understand why some games with controversial features don't release one version with it and one version with out it, since those interested for the version with it can get it easily mostly because of age, and the people not interested for it can just buy the censored version. But after all, you will just have to use your imagination.

So let's start the review!

Story: 7/10

Actually, there isn't a story at all. It is this particular "action movie plot", which is just there in order to have a (more or less) legit reason the kick Nazi butt. But this game is just the type of game where you can turn on the off-switch which is located in your rarely used gamer-brain. Just like any lightshooter or a good old episode of "Walker, Texas Ranger". Yeah, Chuck Norris FTW! I don't think I will have to do a plot synopsis. since the only plot twist is that the 2nd enemy wants to create chemical weapons....

Music: 3/10

...just a loop of crap ALL the time....the sound effects were censored (see Differences Between The PC and The SNES Version)....and the sound effects barely even classify as SNES-worthy...

Graphics: 5/10

Damn man...the fake 3D graphics are just horrendous. Now don't tell me that this game was released earlier and it looks good for it's time. IT DOESN'T. The animation is sloppy and the overall look is just bullcrap. Now please don't think that I am the type of PS3 fanboy (or Sega Genesis/Mega Drive) who's only pro-argument are the graphics. The graphics are rather meh, just like a back of a Gumba: It isn't beautiful, but it gets the job done.

Controllz: 8/10

Nothin' bad here.

Gameplay: 6/10

The levels are pretty simple, its just a maze with a few rooms. You could try getting a high-score by finding secrets and items and/or finding (killing to be exact) all enemies. Thats really all there is. It gets boring and repetitive as the game goes on, there isn't really much variety or depth to it. Speed-Runs could be exciting...and a complaint are the amount of levels (too many and too few, see Differences Between The PC and The SNES Version) etc. But it gets interesting enough to keep you playing it 'til the end.

Differences between The PC And The SneS version

The guards yell "STOP!" or "HALT!" instead of "ACHTUNG!" or "SPION!"
A body of a random guard is missing when you start the level.
The swastikas are now crosses.
95% of the levels are redesigned due to the fact that most rooms are swastika-shaped.
The dogs are mutant rats in the SNES version.
Staatsmeister/Heinrich doesn't have his famous toothbrush stash or the swastika on the armband.
No blood
Adolfo isn't called Adolf Hitler, instead Staatsmeister or Heinrich.
The game doesn't feature 3 bosses, Gretel Grosse, Otto Giftmacher, and the General to be exact (Note: Giftmacher means Poisonmaker xD).
The enemies scream "Ooh!" instead of the German sayings (which I unfortunately cant recite now, if somebody know, pls write it in the comments).
The maximum amount of ammo which can be carried is 299 in the SNES, but only 99 in the PC version.
Hans G.'s level is completely different.
The exit doors and the back are completely different when looked upon.
2 guns available in the SNES version aren't available in the PC version.
The Ubermutant isn't in the original at all.
When the main character is shot, his HUD-image is looking at the direction he was shot at (I think). This isn't featured in the PC version.When you use a weapon, the weapon's picture is not featured at all on the status bar.
The word AMMO has been replaced by SHOT in the far right hand corner of the screen.
The machine gun and chaingun look completely different and sound different.
There aren't any pictures of Heinrich or Staatsmeister with a open-mouth in the SNES version.
There aren't any cages on the wall.
You cant drink water in the SNES version, nor blood or bones as items.
The word "Item" in the HUD isn't available in the PC version.
There were pots in the PC version, but they aren't featured in the SNES version.
While starting off the level, there is a small ammo box in the left corner which can't be found in the PC version.
The large ammo boxes found in secret rooms aren't available in the PC version.
B.J's eyes don't look forward like in the PC version, instead left or right
No skeletons on the wall
The game contains some relevance to the storyline of SOD (Spears Of Destiny) because it features the Ubermutat and Trans Grosse.
Hans G. is featured in his own level and in a secret level (in the PC version I think its his ghost or clone or whatever)
After you defeat Staatsmeister or Heinrich (Adolf in the original), the game ends. In the PC version you still have 3 missions left.
The HUD-images when the main character B.J gets 40% health or less is different
The blood on the wall is censored.
Some sound effects are different.

These are only some of the differences, but I think I named the most important ones.


Worst Wolfenstein 3D port I ever saw, but it still is a very important game and one of the first FPS-shooters on the SNES.

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