Saturday, March 22, 2008

Worst Games Of All Time : Episode III : Pac-Man For The Atari 2600

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Pac-Man (Atari 2600)

"What !? " , you might ask yourself . "Pac-Man being a bad game !!? " Pac-Man is good . No not good , but revolutionary . At least the arcade-version. But the Atari 2600 version is bad . No not
bad , but awfully terrible.This game sucks and every single cartridge should be destroyed by Pac-Man himself . Shame yourself, Atari 2600 developers . You`ve killed your freakin´ mascot ! You´ve killed the video gaming industry ! Without Nintendo ( I call them " Holy N " ) you`d be a company filled with useless developers who make useless games ! Atari SUCKS ! Hell,I would say the only good Atari game is the original arcade Pac-Man ! Now let`s go on to the actual game.....

Pac-Man 2600 was released in the year 1981 by ..... (you can guess three times) A.T.A.R.I. which actually means:

  • Awkward weirdos who should get a life.
  • Titanium cartridge suckin´ b**tar**s
  • Awkward weirdos who use the letter A two times in a word and find falling down a cliff while playing E.T and fighting versus wise ninja-girls armed with a AK-47 boring
  • Rude guys who really need to go to a mental hospital , because their video games suck so hard , even the makers of Bible Adventures could almost laugh them out (ironically,almost)
  • Interesting games which can cause severe diarrhea
The poor port is blamed on the A.T.A.R.I. marketing department's rush to bring the game to the market. They asked the developers to take drugs , so that the quality of the game could significantly rise . After that they asked the developers to ruin their company with there own mascot. This game and E.T. probably caused the video game crash of 1983. This huge mess just destroyed (Note:This word is to "not offensive and/or cool " . I would rather use "eliminate" or "neutralize" ) customer loyalty to A.T.A.R.I. and the whole freakin` awesome video game industry !!

The ghosts were blue,pink,red and orange (as far as I can remember) . But in this port the ghosts have got blinkers which blink blue,red,pink and orange lights respectively . It really maked you hypnotized and the flicker also induced seizures , because the ghosts tried so hard and believed in them selfs . They try to let you die and end in a grave.The eyes of the ghosts on the 2600 port spin constantly, while the eyes of the monster in the arcade game indicate their direction of movement.

There also are stupid ghosts (who just randomly go through the maze) , fast ghosts (as the name indicates,
fast) and last and least, smart ghosts who trie to find the fastest way to you .

Rating: Dude/Dudet , I recommend you send your copies of the game back to Atari (or whats left of the freakin company) and play the arcade version . Otherwise , if you don`t a bunch of goverment guys will come and try to place you in a hospital where dangerous stupidos live .

I give this black sheep a ......

0.1/10.0 (The .1 is for Pac-Man . Pac-Man , if you read this please remember that you have to reach for the rainbows and please,please, I´m beggin` ya , don`t kill a console. )

|||<-------------PAC-MAN ---------->|||


Online Casinos said...

Pacman games give real fun and excitement when I play it. although it's not so much played nowadays, it's still a good game for me. It's classic.

Atari Fan said...

I recently started playing Pac man and Ms. Pac man again on

For some reason I cant get past the 5th level.

Funny that I’m getting angry at a game thats 25 yrs old LOL!