Friday, September 28, 2007

Console War Part 4

Well,this Era began with the SegaDreamcast.I it came out November 1998 in Japan.
dumb PlayStation 2 robbed the cash from Dreamcast.The release of the PS2 was 2000,i think.Soon Sega died away quickly and painful.Sega had the fear of Bankrupt.Many PS fans bought the new Sony PlayStation 2.So,the Station attracted more third party gaming developers then the Dreamcast
Play was able to play DVDs and was backward-compatible
with its predecessor.Sega had a horrible death.Well then the xxxxxl,largest,and greasiest Console of all time came to a house near you.It was called the XBOX.
It even sounds fat.X like in XXL Box.Well because Microsoft's PC Games
where really popular to this date.So Gate-o-soft wanted to make its own home console.It seemed stronger than his competitor.Even larger.But it could not
beat the prices of his fiend,the Sony PlayStation 2.Nintendo struggled with their own brand image, particularly the family-friendly one cultivated during the 1990s. Nintendo's franchises and long history in the industry are failing to give them an advantage against the Xbox and PlayStation 2. However, the GameCube's low price point has kept it competitive. The GameCube is in second place in total console sales in Japan, and in a close third place in the United States and Europe.

World wide sales figures

* PlayStation 2: 117.89 million shipped as of March 31, 2007 (Japan: 25.42, USA: 47.68, Europe: 44.79)[5]
* Xbox: more than 24 million as of May 10, 2006[6]
* Nintendo GameCube: 21.63 million as of June 31, 2007 (Japan: 4.03, The Americas: 12.84, Other: 4.76)[7]
* Sega Dreamcast: 10.6 million as of December 2004 (Japan: 2.30, Other: 8.30)[3]

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