Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Can`t touch this

Cop: Hey thats against the Law! Your Coming with me!
Peter: Nuh uh uh! Can't Touch This!

Peter: Can't Touch This!

Ju - Ju - Ju - Ju - Just like the badguy in Lethal Meapon 2,
I got Diplimatical Emunit. So, Hammar, You can't Sue.

I can write grafitte, even Jay Walk in the street.
I can right-a-loop, not give a hoot, And touch your sisters teet.
Can't Touch Me!

Peter: Can't Touch This!
Joe: What in God's name is he doing?
Peter: Can't Touch This!
Cleveland: I beleive thats the worm.

Peter: Stop! Peter Time!

I'm a big shot! Theres no doubt!
Lite a fire, then pee it out!
Don't like it? Kiss my rump!
Just for a minute, lets all do the bump!

Can't touch This!
Yeah! Do the Peter Griffin Bumb!
Can't touch This!

I'm presedental Peter!
Interin's think i'm hot!
Don't care if your handycap,
I'll still park in your spot!

I've been around the world!
From Harvert to Backbay!
It's Peter! Go Peter! I'm so Peter! Yo, Peter!
Lets see Regis rap this way!
Can't touch This!

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