Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Super Hang-On Review

Well,this is a Review of the most popular Sega Motorcycling game EVER.
I personally say that the music is AWESOME.I like Outride a Crisis and Winning Run.
The Graphics are O.K ,but the Gameplay is the BEST.You race around the World with
your Cycle starting with Africa and ending with the United States of America.In each
stage you have a Time Limit.There are other Racers on the road,but they would
not bother you.You think of them as trees that move with almost 300 kmh.
Now a list:
North America:Expert
This game is HARD.If you crash once,this Run is almost impossible to complete.This
Guy is slower than a Turtle.It takes time to fly for 40 feet after you crash,time
to walk back,and time to accelerate to your previous Speed.
All in all,this is truly a classic.


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