Sunday, September 30, 2007

Top Ten List of Best Games

No 10.Final Fantasy IV
This Game is one of my favorites for the Snes.
The nearly Perfect Rpg.

No 9.Super Metroid
This strictly-2D adventure showed off the SNES
hardware and provided one of the most thought-
out, intriguing game play experiences available at the time.

No 8.Tetris
Well,because of this simple game,the Gaming Universe
was revolutionized.Most Tetris players experience
Most Tetris players experience complete escapism,
which is why many corporations and educational
are still alive.

No 7.Super Mario World
Its a classic.Has fun Levels,
hidden secrets,and never
gets boring.

No 6.Chrono Trigger
This RPG is fun and
never gets boring.
Theres lot of Endings,
so that you will
have to play for hours.

No.5 Legend of Zelda:Ocarina of Time
Its a Masterpiece.It has everything
a good game needs.Best and Most
exciting adventure experiences ever.

No.4 Super Mario Kart Double Dash
This Game is all about fun!
Maybe the best Multi
Player Experience ever.

No 3 Resident Evil 4 Wii Edition
Capcoms maybe Best Game Ever!
Re 4 was good enough,but the Wii
took it to a whole new Level.
You must responde fast to win,like
in dodge scenes.

No2 Soul Calibur
The best game on
the unsuccessful Dreamcast.
This 3-Dimensional Beat-Em-Up
is considered the best of its Kind

No1 Super Mario 64
Well please click here
to view the best games

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