Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Nba Street Volume 3 Review


Positives:Cool Trick Button Combination,Good Graphics;kinda makes you
feel your on the street,lots of unlockables

Negatives:There is no online play!,the music gets annoying

Well,this games predecessor was NBA V2.I personally
think,that NBA V1 was better than V2.At the Time of
V2 i didn't like this series anymore,but at the release
of this game,everything changed.The Combo
Tricks were fun and it also had a nice
Career Mode.The Gameplay improved itself,
so that this Game is a MUST-HAVE for
any Basketball fan.For Dumbheads
how are not familiar with this Series,
read on.NBA Street V3 is a Three-On-Three
full Court Basketball.For Wins,you
will have to Spin,Crossover and Trick
your way through the Court.Do outher
breathtaking moves like the alley hoop
and slam dunks.Once you done this
ones continuously,your Gamebreaker-
Meter grows.Once it is full,you
can do a so called Gamebreaker
Dunk which will add score and steal points
from your enemy.In the past,Gamebreaker
was just a significant Dunk.But in
this Game there 2-Man or even
3-Man Combo Dunks.Every
else that was fun remained
in this Game


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