Thursday, October 25, 2007

Worst Game Titles Of All Time

Worst Game Titles Of All Time

Well its a man,and he jumps.

.:Silhouette Mirage:Reprogrammed Hope:.
Ooookay,with all my English abilities i will hope to
jackpot this one.
The first word means outline.Do´h !

.:Um Jammer Lammer:.
Um,what the hell!

.:Ninja Hamster:.
Ninjas don't have fur!
As much as i know.

.:Iggys Wrecking Balls:.
Ouch,hopefully i will never meet Iggy

.:Fighting Golf:.
Tiger Woods vs. Richard Quest
Quest:A eagle busta !
Woods:You ain't never gonna beat the Wood!
Quest:We will see about that bum!
......Fighting Scenes(Wood does a Brutality)!........

.:Eggs Of Steel:.
Eggs Of Steel+Bite=Timberteeth

.:No one can stop Mr.Domino:.
Except 8 Billion humans.And worst
of all he knows your address!

.:Totally Rad:.
Totally cheap,lousy,and cheesy.mmmmm,Cheeeeeseee.

.:Nuts and Milk:.
No Comment.

.:If It Moves Shoot It:.
Well,if lives,shoot it again

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