Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Best Games Of All Time Version 1.1

The Best Games Of All Time Version 1.1

1.Super Mario Galaxy-Wii

2.Chrono Trigger-SNES

3.Super Mario World-Snes

4.Super Mario 64- N64

5.The Legend of Zelda:Ocarina Of Time- N64

6.The Legend of Zelda:Twilight Princess- Wii

7.Resident Evil 4:Wii Edition-Wii

8. Chrono Cross-PS

9.Tetris- GameBoy

10. Mega-Man -Gameboy

11.Pokemon Emerald-Gameboy Advanced

12.Final Fantasy V -SNES

13.Halo 3-Xbox 360

14.Gta San Andreas-PS2

15.Wario Land-Game Boy

16.Golden Eye 007-N64

17.Metroid Prime-GC

18.Super Metroid-SNES

19.Halo Combat Envolved-Xbox

20.Paper Mario-N64

21.Ninja Gaiden-PS3


23.Soul Calibur-DC

24.Sonic the Hedgehog-Genesis

25.Gunstar Heroes-Genesis

26.Gears Of War-Xbox360

27.Tony Hawks Pro Skater 4-DC

28.Street Fighter-Snes

29.Gunstar Future Heroes-Gba

30.Mortal Kombat-Snes

31.Resident Evil Code:Veronica-DC

32.Rayman 2-The Great Escape-DC



35.Pro Evolution Soccer 8

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