Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Super Mario Galaxy Preview

This is a preview of the maybe best game of the year.
I currently think that this video games will be on the list:

2007.:Best Games of the Year:.2007
Halo 3
Paper Mario
Ninja Gaiden Sigma
Resident Evil 4 Wii Edition
WarioWare:Smooth Moves
The Orange Box,
The Legend of Zelda:Phantom Hourglass
Super Mario Galaxy can be a game rated 9.5 and higher out of 10!

Now enough chattering,its
Preview Time!

Super Mario Galaxy
is a highly respected
3-D Platformer.Dude,the
pre-ordering is just as much
as Hairy Potty!(HATE THIS BOOK!!!)

Well,most of gameplay happens outer space (duh),
flying from planet to planet,jumping and launching
yourself to unknown planets,transforming into a Bee,
gathering items,and defeating old foes.
Gravity also features a big role.
Like almost all Mario Games,the
objective is to find (or retrieve,what ever you call it)
Stars spread into six areas,40 galaxies and 120 Stars.
And this weird Energy Bar (Power Meter) is back again!

Mario has jumping abilities like never before.
First of all his trademark .:Triple Jump:.,
After that the Wall Kicker called .:Wall Jump::,
and also the normal and double jump.
But Swait they are still
Jumps like the.:Sommersault:. , .:U Jump:.,
.:Ground Pound Smack Jump:. and the
.:Long Jump:. .
Additionaly, the newest Jumps is the:
.:High Backflip:.
Marios attack except the stomp or jump is a Spin-Move.

The game will also have a .:Bee Mushroom:.
(which transforms you into a bee)
and the old .:Fire Flower:. and
.:Super Mushroom:. are back!
There is also a .:Ice Flower:. ,
which also Mario to freeze the water into icy platforms.

Well thats all folks.See you never again!!!!!!

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