Thursday, November 01, 2007


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1.First of all,look at the price menu at any
Burger Shot.It says everything for
69cents.But if you look closely,everything is for
29cents.And with 'everything' i mean burgers like
'Fish ****'.

2.If you look in the sky in Las Venturas,there you can
see something nice.

3.In the German PC Version,if you replay in Catalina
Missions,something gross happens.

4.This one is funny.If you go to
the a camera perspective(that
im not going to tell
which one it is),you will be lucky enough to
look at people attempting

5.In the english version,look what happens
if you have a combine harvester and
run over pedestrians.

6.If you drive inside the police parkinglot in
Los Santos with a police car,you can see a
police officer beating a pedestrian.Rumors
say that it is supposed to be Will Smith.

7.Shoot with the sniper rifle on the moon.

8.Stop the movements for 2-3 minutes.Then CJ
will rap and/or flip out.

9.A import cars driver plate says:ea sucks

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