Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Transformer The Games

Well,this review is about the game Transformers.All versions feature the same stuff.The Wii version features the best controls.The Wii graphics are just a slower resolution.The Ratings are
USK12+ or E10+(varies by version).

This lists the playable and non-playable characters on the game.


Character Playable?
Optimus Prime Yes
Bumblebee Yes
Jazz Yes
Ironhide Yes
Ratchet (Playable in the DS version, also PsP on multi)
Longarm No
Skydive (Transformers) No
Hound No
Trailbreaker No


Character Playable?
Megatron Yes
Starscream Yes
Barricade Yes
Blackout Yes
Scorponok (playable in the Wii, PC, Xbox 360 and PS2 versions)
Bonecrusher (playble in the PSP Multi)
Swindle (playable in the PSP Multi)
Dreadwing (playable in the PSP multi)
Brawl (Playable in the DS version, also playable in PSP multi)
Shockwave (Playable in the PSP multi)
Frenzy No
Dropkick No
Payload No
Scrapper No
Mixmaster No


Character Playable?
Sam Witwicky No
Mikaela Banes No

Now lets talk about the Nintendo DS Version.Games like Pokemon and Mega-Man Battle

Network have similar versions.So it doesnt matter which one you have.But the

DS games Transformers:Autobots and Transformers:Decepticons

are completly other games.While the Autobots Version completly bases on the location
Arctic,while the Decepticons version bases on a Qatar military.And the DS version
also features a Online Clan Gameplay.First it was restriced to 10 Members,
but to date unlimited people.


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