Friday, October 19, 2007


Now lets talk about F-Zero.For the people that don't know,F-Zero is futuristic
racing video game.It features unrealistic speeds of 600 mph.It also features
cars similar to hovercrafts and rockets.This is the first game in the F-Zero
Franchise.As every Idiot would notice,its for the Super Nintendo Entertainment
System.This game is downloadable for 800 Wii Points over the Wii Virtual Console.
And by the way,the hovercars are fueled by plasma! The Game is a intergalatic
Grand-Prix.The Goal of this game is to beat the opponents and aviod hazards.The Picture above
is Promotional Art found in Super Smash Bros.The other picture is the very rare game
BS 2 F-Zero Grand Prix.It features better car design,better tracks and better gameplay.The
original F-Zero has fifteen tracks divided into three leagues.It also has three difficulty
levels.If you finish expert class, you can unlock master difficulty.This is a 2.5d game.


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